Unusual Color Pairings That Work Well Together | Part One

Colors can help create an atmosphere to fit the style you want. Typically, rooms are styled with neutral tones or monochromic themes; however, if you dare to be bold, you can design your environment with vibrant colors to make a statement. Different colors can have a psychological influence on your space. Learning how to pair contrasting colors with psychological benefits can be great for sprucing up your home’s design. To help you gain a better understanding, we put together five unusual color pairings that actually work well together. Here are some fun pairs to get your own wheels turning on your next design project:

Green and Mango

This combination is great for livening up your space’s design. The green reflects well on nature and gives your home a sense of security and balance, while the orange can add a splash of optimism and adventure. Green and mango is a fun combination that is inspired by tropical fruits to liven up any design. It can give your home an expressive, stimulating feel that encapsulates a citrusy, fun atmosphere.

Teal and Coral

This barrier reef inspired theme works perfectly in beach homes and city homes alike. These two very contrasting colors complement each other phenomenally while amplifying each other’s’ strengths. Teal will create a calm, clean atmosphere and can encourage inner healing, while coral symbolizes life restored with harmony. Coral, being the Color of the Year (2019), is an excellent addition. It can add a sense of buoyancy and fun energy into the room. This color combination is great to create an energetic atmosphere that can also have a strong sense of serenity.

Slate and Pink

With slate being a masculine spin on a neutral tone, pink is great for balancing out the room. Slate demonstrates feelings of professionalism and is very sophisticated. It is psychologically referred to as modern and associated with wisdom. When paired with pink, it can really allow this blushed color to shine. Pink can feel nurturing and romantic. It will give your atmosphere a sense of affection. This is a great combination that is not always considered for masculine areas but can work in this unusual pairing.

Exploring different color combinations in interior design can open up new ideas for you. Try to think outside the box. Contrasting colors can let each one demonstrate their own strengths while some colors can work together to create a unique feel. Check out the rest of our series to see more fun color combinations to consider in your own home.

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