What Does Your Design Style Say About You? | Part Four

In this series, we have looked at several different design themes found in homes. Every design has attributes that make it unique and different. Perhaps, you had gone to a restaurant before and loved their design. What did you like about it? What did it insinuate about the place you ate? The theme is part of the experience, and likewise, your home’s theme is part of how your home is interpreted. Knowing what designs are directed towards can help you make a more accurate decision on what style is best to use in your own design.

Art Deco

If you are trying to make a statement, art deco is a “go hard or go home” design. It is a highly glamorous yet functional outlook on modern design. It has been incorporated in fashion, cars, and interior design of homes. Geometrical shapes, metallic finishes, bold colors, are all important in this design since it is a dramatic atmosphere. If you love Art Deco, you desire to make a statement. You are not a traditionalist, and your wardrobe shows it. You love to express your creativity in design while staying grounded with modern trends. You are not afraid to dye your hair a bold color, have unique colored contacts, drive an unusual car color, or anything spontaneous. You know what looks good, even if others are not bold enough to express it.


Industrial Design is a beautiful mix of architect and design. Warehouses and old factories influence it, and you find it to be a bit unusual. If you love Industrial Design, you respect the architecture and incorporate in your loft or home. Exposed ceiling beams, concrete floors, and brick walls are not incomplete; in fact, they enhance your home. You look deeper than the surface. You know how to create beauty on a budget and do it well, but also know when and where is best to invest.


Sticking to the roots of design; Traditional is a classic look, and nothing is over the top or makes it extravagant. This calm, collective atmosphere is made to be predictable, mature, and simple. It looks great and does not need anything extra to complete a room. It is always a safe choice and can appeal to the masses, making it great for resale. If you like Traditional Design, you get along with everyone and respect your home. This is great for people wanting an orderly and clean house.

That is a wrap on our series! Did you find which design style suits you? We would love to hear your thoughts and answers below in the comment section.

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