From the Floors Up blog was created with the goal of providing a destination for consumers, designers and those interested in the flooring, design, and kitchen and bath industries. Here you’ll find, current, accurate and informative information that is always just a click away! Plus, this will be the go to blog for all your questions about flooring, countertops, paint, design and much more.

The value of this blog lies in the contributors. I will be accompanied by industry experts from across the county from the finest retailers, both big and small, to leading manufactures. As a contributor to this blog, my background includes being the former developer of the industry blog Floor Talk and over 10 years in the construction, interior design and the flooring industry. I have experience in retail sales and complete interior design projects that will enable me to provide the information you need in order to make informed purchases, remain knowledgeable on maintaining the life of your purchase and keeping up with what’s current in these industries.

From the Floors Up is not only a destination for education and information but also for design inspiration and to exchange ideas. We’ll bring you new product introductions, industry news, trends, care and maintenance tips, and solutions to common flooring and design issues.

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  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if you had any information, reviews, or firsthand knowledge of Portstone flooring? Thanks!

  2. Hello, I commented on Beryl’s post on Facebook with a link to your blog. I mentioned that I had taken a lot of photos of floors in Vegas a couple of years ago. Beryl asked me send those to you. Unfortunately I am still looking for them as I have many photo CDs but they are not organized. I found 3 images of floors from my trip to Jerusalem. I’d be happy to send those to you if you are interested and tell me how.
    Best, Madina Aryeh.

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  7. Hi FTFU,
    I work for Karndean, a global supplier of LVT products. We’d very much like the opportunity of guest blogging on your site by provinding opinion and relevant comment to your categories in which we specialise.

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  8. I just had padding and a rug installed in my living room stairs and landing upstairs in a condo. Ever since the rug and padding were installed I am having breathing problems and heart palpatations. I hear they used rebond padding, which I found out has butylated hydroxy toluene (Bht) in it.
    I read that this chemical is not harmful but I am feeling terrible and cannot sleep. HELP.

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    This is an excellent blog you have here. I would love the opportunity to write an original 500 word article on the increasingly popular, but often overlooked home gym flooring topic. There are a number of things to consider when choosing flooring for this application and I would like to make a useful guide for your readers.

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    Dean Chandler
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  10. Hi,

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    • Hi Kevin,

      Thank you so much for you interest. We will be connecting with you offline for more information.

      Creating Your Space

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