6 Tips When Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be a huge undertaking. With everything you have to get in order, there are a few often overlooked tips that you may not even consider when selling your home. To increase the likelihood of selling your house, we have created six things that you will want to try. We hope you enjoy and good luck! 


6 Tips When Selling Your Home


Don’t Under or Over Design Rooms

If a room looks empty, it can turn away buyers and if a room is too packed, it can also deter buyers. To increase your chances of selling your home, we recommend trying to maintain an appropriate balance of furniture. You will want to compliment the home’s architecture while having enough room to walk throughout the room. If you are having difficulties with the design aspect, your realtor can be a great resource. They see a lot of homes each day and know exactly what buyers want. Ask them for some basic staging advice and go from there.


Creating a Real Environment

Buyers want to imagine themselves living in your home one day. Displaying fake items (photos, plants, & food) can seem staged and unwelcoming. Instead, you want to try and use the furniture and decor that you already own. This will help create a more homey feel and buyers will be able to imagine themselves living in your home. 


Don’t Showcase Small Items

An incorrect illusion that some homeowners try to create is placing small items in a room to make the room look bigger. This just tends to look awkward and it creates a pause in the design. Make sure you purchase furniture that is appropriately sized for the room. Again, if you need help, ask your realtor for assistance. 


Embrace a Strong Design

Overly committing to a design can actually do a disservice to you as a seller. Buyers should be able to see through your design to picture their stuff in your home. With an overpowering design, it could block their imagination and harm your selling potential. 


Don’t Shut Doors

While potential buyers are touring your home, you want to create an open environment. This can be done by opening all of your doors to let them flow from one room into the next. If you close your doors, you close the home’s design and your buyer could even potential miss any entire area of your home.


Spice it Up.

Do not get us wrong, a neutral color scheme is one of the most classic and well-sought after palettes for homeowners. Unfortunately, buyers believe that there can be a thing as too much neutral. To help differentiate your home from all the other houses, we recommend adding pops of color subtly throughout your home. Now, there is no need to go overboard with color and expensive items. Just a few items here and there will do the trick.

Must-Haves for a Bathroom Remodel

Remodels are the perfect time to change the things you dislike about your current space. This includes its functionality, design, and flow. To help create the perfect space, we have included six must-have ideas for your bathroom. Let us take a look!


Must-Haves for a Bathroom Remodel:


If you ever have two people getting ready at the same time in the morning, a double sink is a necessity for you. Double-sink vanities are efficient and beautiful. They provide the homeowner with more space to get ready while adding elegance to your space. When in doubt, go double.


Expert designers encourage homeowners to have at least one bathtub in their home. But if your heart is not set on solely having a bathtub, you could get a shower + tub combination. Most homeowners find the combination more appealing and this option tends to work well for families.

Extra Storage.

There is nothing that a little extra storage cannot fix. When remodeling your bathroom, remember the amount of storage that you currently have and how you want to advance it. Believe us, there is no such thing as having “too much” storage. You can always find an item to put there.


If you have a family, you want to make sure that your bathroom remodel is kid-friendly. By making it kid-friendly, you can accommodate your little one’s needs. Things like shorter countertops, pitch-free drawers, and rounded corners can be a life-saver when your little one is getting ready for bed.


While you are deciding on your bathroom materials, you want to take into consideration how easy it is for you to clean. Now that you have the choice to make things easier on yourself, why would not you? Choose easy-to-clean floors and countertops for your bathroom. If you need help, we would love to assist you! Just ask one of our expert sales staff.


Remodeling costs can skyrocket if a homeowner decides to change the plumbing. Moving your toilet to a different wall may ultimately be the best idea, but keep in mind that your budget will increase. If you are trying to keep costs low, try to keep your plumbing where it is.


Get the best quality floors for your bathroom! With excellent customer service and satisfaction, we will not disappoint you. Give us a call today and find out why we are the best. 

2018’s Hottest Pattern Trends

With 2018 in full swing, the new year brings new design trends. Let us take a look at what we believe will be 2018’s hottest pattern trends! 


2018’s Hottest Pattern Trends

Pattern 1: Quatrefoil.

The ultimate elegant statement fabric is quatrefoil. This beautiful print sits perfectly on nearly any sofa and adds a touch of elegance and class into every room. 

    • Pairs well with Solids. 

Pattern 2: Buffalo Check.

Forever a classic and one of our favorites is buffalo check. It works well in nearly every home and creates a lovable farm feeling. 

    • Pairs well with Polka-Dots 

Pattern 3: Watercolor Brush Strokes.

One of the freshest styles that you can have is watercolor brush strokes. This relaxing look is subtle yet beautiful. Try working this pattern into your pillows or bedspread to create a calming oasis in your bedroom. 

    • Pairs well with Florals. 

Pattern 4: Tribal.

Forever a favorite in homeowner’s hearts, tribal print has become reinvented and is taking the industry by storm. The pattern’s look has become a little different over the years, but we are still in love with tribal print. 

    • Pairs well with Solids. 

Pattern 5: Botanical.

From plants to flowers, the botanical patterns have become a recent trend over the past couple of years. You will find succulent-inspired pillows all over the market nowadays and we love how this trend pairs with other patterns. To maximize your botanical pattern, be sure to mix it with nonorganic shapes and patterns. 

    • Pairs well with Stripes and Nonorganic Shapes. 

Pattern 6: Abstract Shapes.

If you love bold patterns, abstract shapes are the choice for you! They create a unique pattern that demands attention. This look is definitely for the thrill-seeker. 

    • Pairs well with Organic Patterns. 

Pattern 7: Herringbone.

Not only do we love the herringbone design in floors, but we also love it as a pattern. This design takes a trendy twist on chevron and we are in love! If you are interested in learning more about a Herringbone floor design, contact one of our sales representatives for more information. 

    • Pairs well with Stripes or Solids. 

Pattern 8: Floral.

Always a classic, floral of course is one of 2018’s hottest trends. Designers are recreating the old floral designs and making them brand new! For an updated, chic look, be sure to incorporate florals into your home. 

    • Pairs well with Stripes or Polka-Dots. 

Pattern 9: Ikat.

Ikat demands attention in a room. If you decide to use Ikat, you will want to incorporate it in smaller portions to not become overwhelming. But that being said, this pattern is amazing! It is different and allows homeowners to become creative with their design. 

    • Pairs well with Floral or Plaid. 

Pattern 10: Imperial Trellis.

Imperial trellis evokes a sense of class. For a sophisticated, classic look, be sure to use imperial trellis throughout your home. 

    • Pairs well with Smaller Trellis. 


From your curtains to your pillows, patterns can be found everywhere. To make sure that you have the latest trends, be sure to check back weekly for new posts and ideas.

Important Guidelines When Designing a Kitchen

Designing a kitchen from scratch can be one of the most exciting projects in a home. While building a kitchen, homeowners have the opportunity to add their special touch to this wildly important room. But before you jump into the process, we want to share six important guidelines. These general requirements are important to consider when planning out your new kitchen. Plus, they are all approved by The National Kitchen and Bath Association. Let us get started! 


Guidelines for Your Kitchen’s Layout

No. 1: The Doorway

When designing your kitchen, you want your doorway’s opening to be at least 34 inches wide. This standard doorway will fit a two-foot by ten-inch door. After your door is installed, you want to make sure that nothing blocks the doorway. This will help you and your family’s safety in case of an emergency. 

No. 2: Work Area.

    • The Aisle: The aisle where you will be working in should be at least 42 inches. While working out the 42 inches, be sure to include the space that your cabinets and appliances will take. 
    • The Walkway: Your walking area’s width should be at least 36 inches. This measurement will help provide enough space for you to comfortably move throughout your kitchen.

No. 3: Meal Preparation

The sink in your kitchen should be located across from your main cooking surface and refrigerator. This will help during your meal preparation. 

No. 4: Clean-Up.

To help make cleaning up easier, your dishwasher should be no more than 36 inches from your sink. 

No. 5: Counters

When buying your countertops, opt-in for clipped or rounded corners to prevent injuries from sharp corners. Also, you want the total length of your countertops to be 158 inches with the depth being 24 inches. Be sure to have a 15-inch clearance between your countertops and upper cabinetry. 

No. 6: Oven.

You will want to provide a 15-inch countertop area next to your oven. This will provide a space to place your freshly cooked meals. Also, be sure to purchase an oven that is appropriately sized for your kitchen’s walkway. You will want to take into consideration its measurements for when the oven’s door is opened. 


For more tips and advice, be sure to check our blog page weekly. 

Decorating Ideas for the New Year

The new year means a new you, right? Your decor does not have to stay the same either! With six creative ideas, we can help you change up your decor for the new year. Let us get started! 


Decorating Ideas for The New Year

  1. Do not “Dare to Dream,” Actually Do it

Many homeowners decorate with neutral tones and get bored of their decor quickly. The new year brings new decor possibilities for your home. Instead of playing it safe, spice things up with different colors and patterns. Before you skip this tip, you can add color and patterns without going overboard. Try subtly adding color to your space by focusing on window treatments, wall art, and furniture. 

  1. Out with The Old. 

The new year is a great time for a fresh start and that new beginning can start with your home. Get rid of clutter and unused items by donating them! A good rule of thumb is “if you have not used it in a year, do you really need it?” By only getting rid of a couple of items, you can begin to start over and feel less cramped in your home. 

  1. Embrace a Fresh Coat of Paint

There is nothing that a fresh coat of paint cannot fix! Try adding new hues to your home for a fresh and new design. 

  1. A Little Taste of Luxury

Add the 5-star treatment to your bathroom with scented bath salts, a cozy robe, and beautiful candles. 

  1. Focus on The Forgotten

While you are redecorating your home, it is a good time to focus on the places you may have forgotten. Areas of your basement or hall closet are less thought about than other rooms in your home. Take time this year to transform these spaces into an organizer’s paradise. Add shelves, bins, and labels to make your forgotten areas come to life. 

  1. Be an Artist

Store-bought artwork is a thing of the past. Embrace your own creativity by displaying your works of art. Whether it is pictures from your last vacation or something you built, your place can be personalized this year with your own items.


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Tips for Creating a Calming Oasis

Sometimes, we can bring the hustle and bustle of everyday life into our homes. With busy schedules and overwhelming responsibilities, we tend to let our home become a stressful environment. With the year coming to an end, now can be the perfect time to reset the tone of your house. We have seven simple tips that can transform your home into a more calming oasis. 


Tips for Creating a Calming Oasis at Home

Tip # 1: Fully Fuzzy

Textures can influence our senses. By adding fuzzy blankets, pillows, and rugs, we can create a more relaxing environment. 

Tip # 2: Clear Counters

A stress-free home begins with a clutter-free life. To reduce the amount of stress you feel, try clearing off your countertops. There is nothing more relaxing than coming home to a clean house. 

Tip # 3: Neutral Tones

Neutral tones, whether cool or warm, have been shown to create a more relaxing environment. To help create a calming space, try to use more neutral tones in your design. 

Tip # 4: Luxurious Lights

The lighting in your space can be one the most important factors of relaxation. To help unwind, be sure to install dimmers on your lights. These can be installed in areas like bedrooms, bathrooms, and dining rooms. 

Tip # 5: Sensational Scents

Nothing says calm quite like a relaxing scent. Try to indulge your senses with calm scents like lavender or chamomile. You can incorporate these scents into your house through the use of candles or even essential oils. 

Tip # 6: Reduced Clutter.

Like we said before, clear counters can give you a clear mind. To begin your clutter-free lifestyle, you will want to go throw your belongings. Try to get rid of things that you have not used in over a month. Once you have reduced the amount of clutter, you may feel more relaxed and less stressed. 

Tip # 7: Relaxing Music

When you get home from a stressful day, you can unwind and relax with soothing music. Whether you are cooking or taking a hot bath, music can relax your mind and put you at ease. 


Add instant coziness with brand new flooring for your home. To view our selection, be sure to visit us!

Quick and Simple Bathroom Updates

Are you looking for quick and cost-effective bathroom updates that you can do in one day? Well, look no further! We have created a list of six effective and efficient ideas for the busy homeowner. Let us get started!


Quick & Simple Bathroom Updates

  1. Up In The Air. Floating shelf systems are a creative way to store or display your items. Plus, they do not take up any precious floor space. Floating shelf systems are perfect for homeowners who have a little extra wall space and a little more to store. Try this unique look above your toilet or even on your wall with pictures.  
  2. On The Side. A way to make your bathroom instantly more luxurious is by adding a side table next to the bathtub. This works especially well if you own a large bathtub. The side table can hold a towel and a luffa or something more decorative like a photo or art piece. 
  3. Lights On. Light fixtures can transform a space and they are relatively easy to switch. You may be surprised by how much a new light fixture brightens your space.
  4. Revamped. If your bathroom cabinets are looking dull, you can spruce them up with a fresh coat of paint. Once the paint has dried, you can replace the cabinet handles with a more modern piece of hardware. Also, be sure to update your toilet paper holder and towel bar.
  5. Divide & Conquer. The organization of bathroom is extremely important. To keep your bathroom clean and organized, add drawer organizers to separate your items. This will help create a tidy bathroom and plenty of storage. 
  6. Artistic Touch. Your bathroom can be decorated like any other room in the home. You can add a gallery wall, sculptures, flowers, and rugs to your space. Just be sure that you do not add too many items and make the place feel “tight” or “overwhelming.” Try and keep it to a minimalistic approach and build your decor as you go. 


Having a budget does not mean you need to sacrifice style! For more budget-friendly design inspiration, check out our store!

Four Tips for a Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in a resale. Aside from bathrooms, kitchens will play a big role in a buyer’s decision process. Whether you are renovating for yourself or a future resale, updating your kitchen can be a fantastic idea. To help you, we have created four tips for you to use during your renovation. Let us get started! 


4 Tips for a Kitchen Renovation

Tip #1: Lit. 

    • The lighting you use in your kitchen can be more important than you might think. You want the lighting to be focused on your specific “work areas.” Areas like the sink, stove, and island will be your focus. 
    • When you choose the lighting for these areas, you want it to provide a significant amount of light. Since you are working with knives and hot tools, it can be imperative for you to see what you are doing. To help avoid injury and make life a little easier, we recommend “spotlighting” these important areas.

Tip #2: The Backsplash.

Your backsplash can be very diverse. Typically, a backsplash is used to add design and style to your space, but it can also help protect our walls from food splashing. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but backsplash provides a layer of protection for our kitchen surfaces. Be sure to add a gorgeous backsplash to your kitchen during the renovation. 

Tip #3: Island

An island can be an incredible space for prep-work. They provide extra kitchen counter space while adding to the overall look of the room. If you are planning on using your island for prepping, be sure to add a sink. The sink will add ease of mind when prepping and cooking your favorite meals. Plus, consider adding storage on the outside walls of the island. A little bit of storage can go a long way! Be sure to talk to your contractor about all of the kitchen island possibilities. 

Tip #4: Convenience

During a remodel, you can add those special features that you wish you always had. Items like a pot-filler, wine cooler or lazy-susan can transform your space and personalize it to your taste. Be sure to mention your interests to your contractor and see what you can add to your space. 


With a kitchen renovation underway, you will need new flooring from a company that you can trust! Rely on us to be your number one flooring provider! We will work hard to transform your space in a timely matter. Contact us today for information on our pricing and services. 


5 Ways To Achieve A Vintage Style in Your Bedroom

Looking for unique decor ideas for your bedroom? Make your bedroom both stylish and functional by embracing more vintage elements. Yes, a vintage style bedroom leads to an old-fashioned yet classic look that can’t be replicated. Decide what era you would like to recreate and dive on in!


Here are a few elements that every vintage style room needs:


Repurposed Furnishing

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of a vintage style decor is that you don’t have to purchase new or trendy furnishing pieces. Instead, you can use older, handed down pieces and repurpose them so that they are fully functional. You can shop at thrift shops, flea markets and garage sales for local treasures. Breathe a new life into old or neglected pieces such as window shutters or dressing tables. We’ve seen old doors revamped into a headboard. The sky is really the limit.


White Walls or Floors

If you really want to recreate a vintage vibe then you should paint it white. Whether it’s the walls, floors or both whitewashed floorboards and walls gives off that antique feeling. Opt for whites with warmer undertones such as a buttermilk or vanilla as opposed to stark white.


Go for the Delicate

If you’re interested in a vintage boudoir look than you should select lots of frilly fabrics, distressed furniture and pretty yet muted colors like a pink and pale peach. Use lace bedding and a vintage patterned rug. Lots of floral prints and patterns work best with this look.


Don’t Forget the Dressing (Table)

A vintage bedroom isn’t complete without a dressing table. Whether you steering towards a Grand Victorian handcrafted from wood or a distressed repurposed desk you can use the surface to showcase your jewelry, perfume, and pictures.


Vintage Details

Be sure to implement vintage accents to really achieve an old school look. Ask your older family members if they have any tokens from their past that they are willing to part with. An old-school typewriter can be a great accent accessory. You can create a nightstand table out of stacked vintage suitcases.


Have fun taking your bedroom back to a different era.  Post photos here if you have done this yourself!