Wallpaper in the Kitchen

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 2.24.59 PMThere is a current design trend for wallpaper throughout the home. Wallpaper was once thought to be old fashioned and outdated, but not anymore. The patterns and colors of today’s wallpapers are anything but the wallpaper your mother or grandmother had.  Beautiful colors, historic and vintage patterns, and new materials mean that wallpaper is one trend that will be with us for a while.

Because of the popularity of wallpaper, we are seeing it used throughout the home; from bathrooms to hallways and every room in between.  There is a wallpaper design that can work for any room.  Some wallpaper is subtler than others in their color and patterns.  We are even seeing wallpaper used in kitchens.

The kitchen pictured here has a subtle diamond patterned wallpaper design throughout.  If you choose to use wallpaper as a way to add color to a backsplash, consider covering the paper with glass for protection.  However, some wallpaper can be wiped with a moist cloth. These are probably a good choice for the kitchen with all of the splashes and spills.

When adding any color or pattern to a kitchen or any room always take into consideration your flooring. If you have a tile or patterned floor, also consider the color and scale of the floor pattern when choosing a pattern for the walls.  The same is true for stone or wood floors. Choose a wallpaper design that will coordinate with your floor, cabinets, and hardware for a cohesive looking kitchen.