The Perfect Master Bath

Homeowners dream of having a relaxing, elegant bathroom but sometimes, they do not know how to make it happen. We look through magazines and think about how much we would love to own those bathrooms, but we never make it a reality. Stop spending your time dreaming and have your imaginations come to life with these simple tips.  

How to Create The Perfect Master Bathroom:

  • Lay It All Out. Comfort, convenience, and capability can determine the layout of your bathroom. A huge factor to consider is the bathroom’s plumbing. The plumbing affects where the shower, toilet, and bathtub will sit. For help with envisioning, call your contractor to come over and walk through the room with you. They can be helpful by letting you know what is possible. Also, think about the space’s convenience. If you are shorter, your height can affect your decision on how high up the cabinets are placed. Take into consideration how convenient you want everything to be before you begin the remodel. 
  • Make It Stylish. You will need to decide on a central theme for your bathroom. You can make it simple, classy, bold, etc. Choosing your bathroom’s motif is imperative before you move forward with choosing fixtures, lighting, etc. 
  • Add Little Pleasures. Remember that this is your dream bathroom! Include luxuries that you have always dreamed about having (for example, a towel warmer or maybe jacuzzi bathtub).  
  • Light It Up. Lighting in bathrooms is more imperative than homeowners may realize. To keep the ambiance luxurious, choose warm colored light bulbs rather than fluorescence lighting. Consider the windows, mirrors, and wall color when you are deciding on the lighting for the room. 
  • Make a Statement. This space is yours to make a bold statement. Take a chance with dramatic, beautiful features to capture the essence of the room. 
  • Cozy Up. The final step in creating the perfect master bathroom is to make the space relaxing. Your bathroom can quickly turn into a spa with the right candles, bubble bath, and music. Sit back and soak up your new bathroom because you have deserved it.  

With the right additions, your master bathroom can turn into a dream oasis. For more expert design tips and tricks, be sure to check back weekly. Thanks for reading!

Expert Bathroom Renovation Tips

In the housing market, bathrooms are considered one of the buyer’s top priorities. Even if you are not selling, bathrooms are an essential part of the home. To help with renovation basics, we have created a simple guide with expert tips. Let’s get started! 

Expert Bathroom Renovation Tips:  

1. Built-Ins. 

Built-ins were definitely a trend of the past but they are making their way back into the remodeling game. Built-in’s can be considered a huge bonus in bathrooms because of their extra storage. If you renovating your bathroom, ask your contractor if it would be wise to add some built-in units. From extra shelving to a medicine cabinet, built-in units can be a total game changer. 

2. Color.

Before the renovation, you want to take a look at all other the color palette options. We recommend keeping the palette light to create a relaxing, breezy feel. For bathroom remodels, you will ideally want to set the tone with color. Lighter colors will help to keep the space tranquil and stress-free. 

3. Lights.

Lighting can be one of the most important and commonly overlooked aspects of a bathroom. Be sure that you add the proper amount of lighting inside of the bathroom. You want to be able to see during a morning shave or while putting on makeup. That being said, we recommend that you also add a dimming effect. This can help set the tone of relaxation after a long, stressful day. 

4. Fixtures. 

If your fixtures are outdated, it is time for an upgrade. Sleek fixtures can help tie together an entire room; therefore, you want to be sure that you swap out your old ones. 

5. Storage.

Struggling to find space in your bathroom can be frustrating. Be sure to add extra storage, hooks, and bars to your bathroom to avoid any unwanted frustration. 

6. Mirrors.

Mirrors are not solely for looking at yourself. They also add a design aspect to the entire room. Since the mirror itself can cost a lot of money, use your current mirror and replace the frame around it. This will help save money within your budget while updating your out-dated items. 

7. Floors. 

We believe flooring can be an important aspect in a bathroom. From added luxury with heated floors to a breath-taking backsplash with gorgeous tiles, your bathroom can be completely transformed with the perfect flooring. 

Be sure to check back weekly for more home advice.

Designing a Bathroom on a Budget

Bathroom decor can easily be overlooked. With a lot of our focus being on other rooms, we may throw together a mediocre design for the bathroom and call it a day. But with a little planning and love, your bathroom can be fully designed and decorated to make you proud. Plus, with our top eight tops, you can stick to a budget and have the bathroom of your dreams. Keep reading to find out how.

Designing a Bathroom on a Budget:

1. Simplicity Please

Bathrooms are simple by nature. Their color scheme can follow the same guidelines. Be sure to keep it simple when it comes to colors. Soft neutrals can help set the tone while not taking away from the rest of the space. But if you are looking to add colorful walls, we recommend pairing it with only neutrals like black or white to help balance out the space. For example, if your heart is set on a deep blue, you may find it helpful to pair it with black and white. These colors will add to the color scheme without demanding too much attention. Plus, you can accent it further with something like gold fixtures.

2. Textures and Such

A simple way to add detail without breaking the bank is to incorporate more texture. Instead of solid items, you will want to add textures with divine details. For example, you will want you can incorporate a textured bath rug or fringed towels to help add a little more depth.

3. Marvelous Mirror

Mirrors are a big deal in any room, but especially in bathrooms. Be sure to make a statement with a unique mirror for your bathroom wall. If you want to stick to a budget, you can explore local thrift shops to find inspiration. 

4. All in The Details

Do not forget to add decor pieces throughout your bathroom to add a little bit of a personal touch. Glass dishes for jewelry, decorative canisters for cotton swabs, and mason jars for your toothbrushes are examples of functional yet stylish decor pieces that you can include. 

5. Glamorous Additions

When designing a bathroom, you want to pay attention to all of the little details. Do not let your hardware be overlooked. Be sure to replace outdated hardware with more stylish pieces. 

6. Picture-Worthy. 

If your walls feel bare, you can incorporate artwork into the space. Simple pictures or artistic crafts can help add character without costing too much money. 

7. In The Air. 

If you are searching for a little extra storage, floating wall shelves can do just the trick. Not only are they stylish, but they provide homeowners with extra space to store all of their bathroom essentials. 

8. A Flawless Transition.

When decorating any room in your home, you want to make sure that it transitions well from the rest of your home. For example, when you enter the bathroom from the hallway, do the rooms transition well into one another? If not, you will want to try to select a color scheme that is transitional and complimentary to your surrounding rooms. 

 Be sure to check back weekly for more design tips and tricks. Thanks for reading! 


Top Ten Bathroom Colors

The colors you choose to incorporate in your bathroom can help set the overall tone and mood of the room. While there may be an array of different options, we have the top ten color choices for your bathroom this year. Let’s take a look: 

Top Ten Bathroom Colors

1. Light Gray

Amongst the most popular color choices is of course, gray. This neutral-toned color is the perfect transition shade for any space. Gray is a versatile color that works well with every other color out there. It helps to balance out the other colors to create perfect symmetry in your space.

2. Creamy White

If you are looking for something clean and classic, creamy white is for you. Creamy white is not the purest form of white; therefore, it helps to add some warmth back into the room. It mixes well with tans and beiges to create the ultimate cozy oasis. 

3. Taupe

Taupe is also another warm neutral choice for your bathroom. You can choose from light, medium or dark taupe for your space’s color scheme and each shade can create a warm, luxurious space. 

4. Pastel Blue

If you are a more colorful soul, pastel blue may be for you. Pastels have recently made their way back into homeowner’s hearts and we are struck by pastel blue for bathrooms. This dreamy color will help to brighten up your day as you get ready. It is perfect for homeowners looking for a little bit of color in their life. 

5. Charcoal.

Go bold or go home, right? If you are bold at heart, you may want to consider using charcoal. Charcoal is a rich color that emphasizes luxury and power all in one shade. If you are feeling extra bold, you could use charcoal on your walls to make a powerful statement.

6. Bluish-Gray.

Mixing two of the shades we already mentioned, gray and blue, you will get this beautiful color. This shade helps to add a little more color into the room than a neutral-tone will bring without being overly distracting. 

7. Seafoam Green

One of the most classic bathroom colors in history is seafoam green and it is making a clear comeback. Seafoam green is a unique color that embodies freshness and adds life to any space. If you are feeling fun, you may want to try seafoam green. 

8. Pure White

After talking about creamy white, we want to be sure to mention that pure white is also a perfect choice for bathrooms. No other color can embody this clean and straight-cut look quite like pure white. If you are up for the clean challenge, we suggest pure white. 

9. Greige

Greige is a mixture of the two most popular neutral tones: gray + beige. Greige has recently taken the design industry by storm with its appealing and attractive look. We love greige in bathrooms because it has a mixture of cool and warm tones to help homeowners who may struggle with incorporating colors. 

10. Blush

To finish off our list, we love the color blush. Blush is a soft, lovable pink that works in nearly every bathroom. Try pairing blush with whites and gray to create the perfect space. 


Quick and Simple Bathroom Updates

Are you looking for quick and cost-effective bathroom updates that you can do in one day? Well, look no further! We have created a list of six effective and efficient ideas for the busy homeowner. Let us get started!


Quick & Simple Bathroom Updates

  1. Up In The Air. Floating shelf systems are a creative way to store or display your items. Plus, they do not take up any precious floor space. Floating shelf systems are perfect for homeowners who have a little extra wall space and a little more to store. Try this unique look above your toilet or even on your wall with pictures.  
  2. On The Side. A way to make your bathroom instantly more luxurious is by adding a side table next to the bathtub. This works especially well if you own a large bathtub. The side table can hold a towel and a luffa or something more decorative like a photo or art piece. 
  3. Lights On. Light fixtures can transform a space and they are relatively easy to switch. You may be surprised by how much a new light fixture brightens your space.
  4. Revamped. If your bathroom cabinets are looking dull, you can spruce them up with a fresh coat of paint. Once the paint has dried, you can replace the cabinet handles with a more modern piece of hardware. Also, be sure to update your toilet paper holder and towel bar.
  5. Divide & Conquer. The organization of bathroom is extremely important. To keep your bathroom clean and organized, add drawer organizers to separate your items. This will help create a tidy bathroom and plenty of storage. 
  6. Artistic Touch. Your bathroom can be decorated like any other room in the home. You can add a gallery wall, sculptures, flowers, and rugs to your space. Just be sure that you do not add too many items and make the place feel “tight” or “overwhelming.” Try and keep it to a minimalistic approach and build your decor as you go. 


Having a budget does not mean you need to sacrifice style! For more budget-friendly design inspiration, check out our store!

Choosing Your New Bathroom Sink

You have decided to remodel your bathroom and create a whole new look. Whether you are planning on selling your home or want a more updated look, a bathroom remodel can add value to your home. Bathrooms and kitchens can be two of the most valuable rooms for home buyers.


A lot comes along with updating your bathroom and one of the toughest decisions is choosing a new sink. Sinks can capitative your guests’ attention with their detail and structural appeal or classically tie into the rest of the bathroom.


Let us take a look at the different types of sinks available to homeowners: 


  1. Console Sinks: A console sink is a basin that sits on top of a table-like structure. The basin is held up by two to four legs and has an open space underneath it. The underneath space can be left empty or used to store a basket, trash can, etc. Most homeowners that choose this sink prefer its clean, classic look. 
  2. Countertop Sinks: These sinks are perfect for homeowners who have already set their heart on a bathroom countertop. They sit on top of the bathroom’s countertop and are usually a bowl like-shape. 
  3. Integrated Sinks: You have probably seen these sinks at fancy restaurants. These sinks add a touch of elegance and awe to your space by their flat edges that are flush with the countertop. The eyes cannot discern what is counter and what is sink with this alluring piece. Homeowners who want to make a statement should definitely consider an integrated sink. 
  4. Self-rimming Sinks: When you think of a typical bathroom sink, this is probably the sink that comes to mind. The basin is put into a pre-cut hole then leaves a little bit of sink rimming the countertop. 
  5. Under-counter Sinks: You will find these sinks mostly in kitchens, but that is not to say that they cannot be used in bathrooms. These sinks look great with stone and solid surface countertops. The basin goes deep beneath the countertop level and provides plenty of room. 
  6. Vanity Sinks: These sinks are placed on top of cabinets. Vanity sinks are an extremely popular choice for homeowners because they provide bathroom storage. 
  7. Vessel Sinks: A vessel sink is a “decorative bowl” that is placed on top your countertop. Homeowners love this artistic look for their bathrooms because of its beauty and appeal.
  8. Wall-hung Sinks: The name is literally meaning for this sink. The sink hangs from the wall and has nothing above or below it. It is a very modern, classic look for homeowners’ bathrooms. 


If you decide to update your bathroom flooring, you know who to call. We are happy to help you choose the perfect flooring for your update.

Go “Green” in the Bathroom

Like many of us today, we are concerned with toxic chemicals and their impact on our health. Often a surprise, our bathrooms can be full of toxins and not one of the cleanest rooms in the home. For starters, we have listed a few tips for going green and where better to start than our bathrooms!

  • Fresh Air – If you are lucky enough to have a window in your bathroom, open it and let the fresh air flood the room. Add one or two houseplants to help filter the air. A few plants that do well in bathrooms are snake plants, ferns, ivy, and orchids. Not only do plants filter the air, they are aesthetically beautiful while adding positive energy to the room.
  • Tubs & Showers – Avoid purchasing shower curtains and tub mats made from plastic that contain PVC, which can release carcinogenic phthalates. Choose items that are organic and natural such as cotton, linen, and bamboo. Tub mats and shower stools made from reclaimed teak wood are a perfect fit for going green. Teak wood is also known for resisting mold and mildew.
  • Towels – When purchasing towels, look for sustainable materials and organic cotton. Also, people that work in the industry of conventionally grown cotton are exposed to pesticides that can lead to health risks.
  • Bath Tissues – Pay special attention to the contents of products you purchase. Regarding tissues and toilet paper, purchase products that are 100 percent recycled and are bleached without chlorine compounds. Many toilet paper cores are now made from 100 percent recycled materials.
  • Toiletries – Stay away from products that contain petroleum-based scents and parabens that can cause allergic reactions in some people. Look for products made from plant-based ingredients. Also, many organic toiletries are packaged in dark colored glass containers (not plastic). Dark glass containers prevent the ingredients from being compromised by exposure to UV sunlight. Recycling glass is less expensive and easier than recycling plastic.

We would love to hear from you about “greening” your home’s bathroom. This project is a wonderful way to include children while educating them about sustaining a green environment!

Creating a Mediterranean Bathroom

Choosing a new style for a bathroom is important. There are many options from which to choose, and one popular choice is Mediterranean. It originates in the countries located on the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea such as Spain, Turkey, Italy, and France to name a few. This style is elegant and relaxing. Here are a few key features.


Tile is often a trademark of a Mediterranean bathroom. The tile can be the flooring, backsplash or even walls. A traditional Mediterranean tile for flooring is terracotta. Terracotta tile is made naturally, which is a plus. It is also very durable; it lasts a long time. It is important to make sure you are buying quality tile though to get the maximum benefit. Terracotta tile is also very porous which makes it easier on your feet. Since it is porous, it is important that it’s sealed properly so that it will hold up to the moisture, stains, and scratches. Terracotta tile is also not as cold as other tile options, which it makes it more comfortable to walk on barefoot.


Mosaics are also a key feature; they are very common to Mediterranean décor. Mosaics can be included through a beautiful backsplash, accessories, wall hangings, wall tile, or flooring. Mosaics can be created using many different colors from simple black and white to other traditionally Mediterranean colors such as blue, olive and lavender.


Another key feature of a Mediterranean bathroom is curves or arches in different areas such as mirrors, showers, toilet stalls, entrances, and furniture. Another area you can integrate arches and curves is light fixtures. From wall sconces to accent lights, the possibilities are great.


Wrought iron and ceramics are key features in a Mediterranean bathroom. You could have a wrought iron pieces on the wall, or a wrought-iron framed mirror hanging over the vanity. Ceramics can be added as accessories like soap dispensers, soap holders, toothbrush holders, and vases.


Finally, color is also a key to achieving a Mediterranean look. There are several options such as bright blue, which is popular in the Greek isles. Pure white is also very popular. Yellow, warm orange, and red are reminiscent of the Italian coast. A few other options are turquoise blues, lavender, and olive.


Bathroom Blogfest 2012: Creating a Cottage Style Bathroom

We wanted to finish up Bathroom Blogfest 2012 with a  traditional, warm bathroom design.  This design can work for both newer and older homes.

Cottage style is a charming choice for the bathroom.  Cottage style can work with traditional and farmhouse architecture as well as cottage homes.  These bathrooms favor traditional elements and surfaces and often reference vintage and antique elements.

This bathroom features one of the timeless classics of bathroom design: the claw-foot tub.  These antiques are classics because of their deep soaks and cast-iron construction that holds the heat. Antique claw foot tubs can be found restored to their original condition, and can also be customized with color on the exterior.

The pedestal sink is a nice vintage touch that fits perfectly with cottage style. While these sinks don’t provide storage, their narrow profile is ideal for a small bathroom. Additional storage can be created with a small vintage cabinet, bookshelf, or hanging cabinet.

You could add penny tiles or hexagonal tiles on the floor for a classic vintage cottage style.  Typically, white and black, today’s penny tiles and hexagonal tiles can be found in an array of colors to suit any taste. A soft throw rug next to the tub is a stylish and smart addition to create a soft place to step out of the tub.

Wainscoting on the walls is a great touch in a cottage bathroom. Subway tiles, in classic white, would work nicely on the walls in a cottage bathroom, as well. Charming vintage art and the simple framed mirror complete the cottage look in this bathroom. The wainscoting dark color framed by the white trim and patterned area rug adds visual interest to this bathroom.

We hope you all enjoyed reading about bathrooms this week as much as we did! We’re so grateful to have participated in Bathroom Blogfest 2012 and cannot wait until next year’s group blogging adventure.  Don’t forget to take a look at the rest of the Bathroom Blogfest writers below:

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Bathroom Blogfest 2012: Ocean Inspired Colors in the Bathroom

Let the bathroom blogging continue! We hope you’ve had a chance to look at some of the other participants’ blogs; they’re all amazing with great, helpful tips.  There’s only a couple more days left of this year’s Bathroom Blogfest so get your reading glasses on and enjoy the designs!

The colors of the ocean just seem to work in a bathroom. It could be the connection with water that makes these colors work so well. We’re not sure why so many of us are drawn to the colors of the sand and sea when designing our bathrooms, but we are. Blues, creams, beiges, greys and greens in soft hues can all work in a sea inspired bathroom.

Whether you choose to design your bathroom in coastal style or not, you can still use ocean inspired colors in the bath.  Floors, walls, shower curtains, towels and mats can all be found in beautiful shades of the ocean and sea. Colors inspired by sea glass, soft blues, greens and white, are a lovely combination for the bathroom that is neither masculine nor feminine. If you have a bathroom that has white tile on the walls and floor, you can add these colors as accents as either paint for the wall or vanity, or in smaller doses by using colorful towels and mats.

Colorful glass tiles inspired by the ocean are beautiful in the shower or on the floor in a coastal or ocean inspired bathroom.  Mosaic tiles used as a border or on the floor can also bring in ocean colors. Mix these colorful tiles with neutral stones like white marble or travertine to bring in another layer of natural beauty.

If the ocean does not inspire you, think about your favorite outdoor space. Mountains, lakes, meadows and deserts can all be color inspiration for your home.

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