What is Hygge?

Have you heard of the term hygge (pronunciation: hoo-gah)? It is a Danish word that does not translate well to English, but the concept is very intriguing to design. Dictionary.com defines hygge as “a Danish cultural concept and value of warm, happy coziness and togetherness, which people make time for in everyday life.” In essence, it is a lifestyle and the pursuit of coziness and comfort throughout life. When this is put into a design, it takes on an incredible feeling that floods your atmosphere. With hygge, you are not concerned solely on aesthetics or functionality of the room, but more the “feeling” the atmosphere provides. Still confused? Let us explore a little deeper into how hygge can be used in your own home:


Hygge is affiliated with warmth. We often associate warmth with fireplaces, warm foods, and even cozy blankets. While these all help with captivating hygge, they are not solely what creates the warmth. Think of the words “warmth” and “inviting” as interchangeable concepts. Have you ever went to a friends house and the hospitality is so incredible that you feel at home? This is a warm feeling we feel when we are there; a moment of happiness we experience. Warmth is the beginning of the experience, yet so much more is in this lifestyle than just the materialistic matters.


Think to yourself, have you ever been happy to be home? Perhaps, you are just cozied up in a blanket, watching television, drinking your favorite cup of tea? Maybe, this can better help you understand hygge. That feeling of “home” and comfort is hygge. Things in your environment can all have influences on how you feel: cozy blankets, comfortable couches, soft rugs, warm slippers, and your favorite robe. However, it is not the investment in these products that create the environment. It is your actual outlook on the surrounding. It is developing this style of happiness with the little things in life. Enjoying the simple delights, and the wonders that the world has to offer. Maybe you feel most comfortable in an old pair of pajamas–this may have no value to someone else, but to you, these old linens provide the feeling of hygge.


You cannot buy hygge–this is what makes developing this kind of environment unique. It is about the experience the room has to offer. Hygge is a lifestyle! Hygge is an unforced comfort. You need to make your experience feel welcoming and inviting. It can simply be through a fireplace, blankets, teas, or just plain old hospitality that creates this atmosphere. You may already have an idea of what creates warmth and coziness in your home. Apply these characteristics to help create hygge.

Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and the Netherlands are reported to be some of the happiest countries in the world from a study released in 2019. Perhaps, this found happiness is through the lifestyle choice of hygge. Find happiness in the little things. Time with your friends and family, relaxation, and comfort in your own home. Today stresses force us to comply and live a hectic lifestyle. We challenge you, enjoy the little things. Enjoy hygge.

2018 Color of The Year



What is Color?

Color is how we perceive an aspect of an element determined by how it interacts with light.   There are three properties which define color.  The hue which lets us identify red from blue and yellow from green, the intensity which allows us to interpret how vivid we see the color and lastly, the value helps us see shades and different versions of colors.  Colors make up the world around us and can strongly influence emotions, decisions, and how we perceived the environment but did you know there is a color of the year?

Who Decides the Color of The Year?

Leatrice Eiseman is the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute and is highly recognized by those affiliated with the substantial brand fashion and marketing industry.  She has been put in charge of a committee of color experts which travel internationally to discover what the next years up and coming color will be.  When Eiseman and her committee determine the most important color of the year and announce it, many large industries like Ikea, Sephora, Microsoft, Banana Republic and others will release brands and trends capitalizing on this trend.

What is the Color of The Year?  

Pantone Color Institute is recognized as the foremost leading source of obtaining information on colors and forecasting color trends.  Pantone Color Institute has Eiseman travel the world to observe the latest fashion trends, celebrity wardrobes, and, marketing endeavors so she can determine what color will impact the upcoming color campaign.  Greenery strongly influenced last year’s color.  This year, however, is the year of UltraViolet.

Background on UltraViolet

Every color has a generally recognized feel to them.  Being on the farthest end of the color spectrum, UltraViolet has been linked to mysterious and spiritual feelings.  It is a vivid color that intrigues the use of our creative imagination.  With today’s world being so chaotic and pushing boundaries of social connections, this color hosts a mindful refuge with it cool, tranquil vibes.  Violet has been associated with dignity and wisdom and is a color which strongly suggests the vision of the future.

Now that you are familiar with the color of the year see if you see it in more marketing this year.  You will be surprised by how influential the color of the year really can be in today society.  UltraViolet shows the mystery but creativity of our world rapidly revolutionizing today.

Case Study

This room has the potential to be a beautiful bedroom. The architecture and lighting is interesting and inviting. The curved detail on the ceiling makes a wonderful architectural detail, especially since the recessed lights are following the curve. There is so much potential in this space. However the furniture placement completely throws the whole room off.

The bed is pushed into the corner. If it was centered under the window the balance would be better and the space would feel more open. Two night stands flanking the bed that is centered under the window is the optimal choice for this space. This space would be appealing to most if there were matching bed side table lamps that were on either side of the bed.

Drapery panels always add a cozy layer to a bedroom. Although in this space, the panels are not full enough for the length of the window. The sheers that are tied in between the panels look out of place. It would have been a better choice to leave them untied. The panels on the outside edge could be tied back or pushed back and held with a drapery hook.

This particular wall decal is attractive and fitting for the room. The problem is the bedding and drapery panels clash with the pink colors of the decal flowers. It could have been possible to pull this look off if there was an area rug, which had similar pinks and purples in order to tie all the color scheme together.

Overall the room has a custom look, architecturally speaking, but the furnishings make the décor look like an afterthought, or thrown together. Taking the time to plan your décor and furniture placement will make all the difference in any space. Balance is important and so is the color scheme. When trying to select décor and a color scheme, choose an item with a pattern (for example a rug or bedding) and work around that item to create a cohesive environment. 

Karastan Adds Metropolitan Collection

New Broadloom Series Features Contemporary Compositions,

Celebrated Craftsmanship


The Metropolitan Collection, Karastan’s new revved-up range of 18 broadloom designs, is making its debut. The series reflects the luxury brand’s dedication to artistry and craftsmanship, adding a chic flair to a flooring genre that is often thought of as a bland, neutralized background for interiors. The style options in this group include sophisticated striations, tonal textures and abstract patterns that live up to their “metropolitan” name and offer a contemporary yet classic look for any décor.


Striation Sensations

            Linear looks are perfect for livening up a living space with subtle sophistication, and Karastan is offering four new stria styles that achieve this effect. Chic Vibe, available in 18 color variations, features striking stripes that effortlessly exude a haute and hip attitude. Defining Design dances underfoot with a synchronized ribbon rhythm of soft tonal shades in 12 color options. Sleek Retreat engages with its field of color strias offered in an edgy palette of 12 hues. Timeless Heirloom honors yesterday’s elegance while adding a modern multicolored pop of pizzazz, in a choice of 12 earth-inspired shades.


Fair and Square

            A trio of marvelously modern Metropolitan Collection designs incorporates geometric patterns that are bursting with energy. Among them is Harmonious Balance, its fragmented geometric shapes sitting prettily atop a soothing striped background. It is available in 8 captivating colorways. Metro Zone zeroes in on understated urban elegance with its repetition of abstract rectangular forms on a tonal foreground, and is offered in 12 contemporary colors. Urban Landscape entrances the eye with its hypnotic sequence of overlapping squares, and comes in 10 chic shades.


Natural Selections

            Another trio of Metropolitan Collection designs is inspired by nature’s own artistry and kicked up with Karastan’s signature styling. Classic Icon qualifies as an organic pattern, its spinning shapes reminiscent of brocade; available in 10 classic colors. Most Inspiring comes to life in 12 hues featuring a flowing pattern of paisley and circles grounded on a monochromatic striped field. New Glamour boasts a vivacious paisley and circle print that elevates a classic to a contemporary creation. It is available in 10 stunning shades.


Attract with Abstracts 

            The beauty of the Metropolitan Collection styles, in addition to their good looks, is that they prove wall-to-wall carpet can be as decorative, dynamic and even as artful as an area rug or other flooring choices. Comfort Oasis creates a visual vibrancy with overlapping swirls and circles set against a variegated background. It is available in 8 alluring colors. Full Spectrum is reminiscent of handcrafted textiles, with juxtaposed striations adding texture and edge; it comes in a palette of 12 contemporary hues. The cross-hatch pattern of fine linen inspired the creation of Lino, which is available in 10 coloways. It’s a look that contributes a touch of casual elegance to any interior, as does Metro Center with its criss-cross motif, available in 10 modern shades. Modern Aesthetic is a collage of ovals and circles intertwined to achieve a playful pattern that pops on a pinpoint background; 12 tone-on-tone colors are offered. Serene Garden is a composition of circles that intriguingly combine to create a textural look and a calming aura. It is available in 10 soothing shades. Timeless Focus features a versatile look with a tonal and textured design that’s available in 20 colors. Its style is befitting any traditional or laidback interior. Its tonal and textured design is available in 20 colors. Finally, Variegato exhibits quiet glamour with a soft stria pattern evocative of mist on a mountain landscape. It is offered in 10 rich shades.


All of the Metropolitan Collection creations are cut and loop construction crafted of premium nylon fibers that are stain and soil resistant, making them particularly perfect for high-energy spaces such as family and entertainment rooms, home offices and gyms. Appealing, too, is that each offering features Karastan’s signature Ultra Performance System engineering tufting technology that eliminates edge ravel and keeps the floor covering chic and complete for a lifetime.


View Karastan’s website to to explore more of the fabulous new collection.