Terra Verde: The New Green Flooring

Today many of us are turning to “green alternatives” to help save the environment as we become more aware of our planet’s plight. The interior design industry has answered the call for products that are earth friendly with many product manufacturers doing their part in saving our environment.

If you are a homeowner and thinking of renovating your home, using “green” flooring alternatives would be a good start in contributing to save the environment. Hardwood flooring is a common way to go green. Hardwood flooring is not only elegant and beautiful, but especially durable, standing the test of time.

More and more manufacturers are producing eco friendly hardwood floorings to attract their environment conscious customers and one of them is Terra Verde. Terra Verde is an online pioneer in green and eco-friendly flooring goods. Their name translates to “Green Earth” and with good reason. Their collection has a wide range of planet healthy options from domestically engineered hardwood, exotic hardwood flooring, solid exotic flooring and many more. Hardwood floors are commonly made from red oak, white oak, and cherry oak which give hardwood floors its elegant look.

Terra Verde carries all of the classic wood choices as well as newer sustainable materials such as cork, bamboo and lyptus. These three choices are quickly replenished providing an unending supply of materials from which beautiful floors can be made.

We only have one planet to live in and building green helps us do our share in saving planet earth. So if you are a homeowner who is thinking of renovating, doing your part and using environment-friendly flooring like Terra Verde is a great start.

Company Turns Whiskey Barrels Into Flooring

News_631At From the Floors Up, we LOVE to hear about great floor sightings – but we also LOVE to hear about inventive and creatively recycled floors. This news, reaches the top of our favorites list.

Did you know? A whisky cask, once it has reached the end of its natural life, normally ends up adorning a garden lawn or, worse, at the foot of a landfill.

Now however there is a new more worthy final destination for the humble cask once it has matured its last drop of whisky thanks to the efforts of a Glasgow-based flooring firm.

McKay flooring have engineered a method that enables the oak planks of barrels to be straightened out so that they be used as sheet flooring.

The flooring, according to  its makers, retains a mild aroma of vanilla with many of the barrels still displaying distillery markings.

The company has received orders from orders from the bar and restaurant trade with interest also coming from whisky enthusiasts from around the world.

For more information visit www.mckayflooring.co.uk. This news originated from TalkFloor.com

Mohawk Rolls Out Strand Bamboo

Mohawk-bambooBamboo has generated plenty of interest in flooring because of its green attributes, but traditional bamboo floors have shortcomings.  Because it’s a grass, not a wood, traditional bamboo is relatively soft. Mohawk has addressed this problem with new bamboo flooring that’s harder than oak—and uses 100% of the bamboo stalk.

Mohawk’s strand woven styles have been tested to be twice as hard as domestic oak.  The Mohawk products are manufactured using all parts of the bamboo stalk for optimum green benefits, and they meet European E-1 Standards for low formaldehyde emissions.  They can also contribute LEED points to an installation.

“Bamboo regenerates naturally, and can be harvested every five to seven years,” said Roger Farabee, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Mohawk.  “That makes it a LEED recognized rapidly renewable resource.  But the softness of traditional bamboo has been a limitation.  Mohawk’s new strand woven bamboo is sturdy enough to allow the species to be used in both residential and commercial applications.”

Mohawk is introducing two new bamboo lines, Hilea in its Rarity Collection and Kahala in the Artiquity Collection.

Both bamboo lines will be available with Mohawk’s popular Uniclic® glueless installation system.   This patented method allows for fast, easy angled or sliding installation on the sides of the plank. Even when space is tight, Uniclic will ensure a secure locking action. End joints feature a drop-lock that allows for an easy install.

Hilea offers environmentally friendly strand bamboo in natural and baked natural. Natural features Uniclic technology for easy, glueless installation. Baked natural also features Uniclic, but also is available with tongue and groove joints for nail or glue-down installation. Both feature a 25-year residential warranty and a 3-year medium commercial warranty.  The product is either 3 ¾” wide (tongue and groove styles) or nominal 5” wide (Uniclic styles).

The Kahala line features unique handscraped visuals in an elegant nominal 5-inch plank width, showcasing bamboo’s new design options.  Kahala features the Uniclic locking system of installation and has a 25-year residential warranty and a 3-year medium commercial warranty.  Products come in five colors: Chestnut, Rustic Baked Natural, Light Ebony, Warm Cherry, and Warm Chocolate.

“This creates entirely new styling options and applications with bamboo,” Farabee said.  “Bamboo now has fresh looks, new uses, and a powerful green story.  Strand woven bamboo is having a major impact on this category.”

Strand woven bamboo’s sustainability and environmental benefits are another step in Mohawk’s GreenWorks, Mohawk’s umbrella program for environmental and sustainable initiatives.  Mohawk is the leader in recycled and renewable flooring, and one of the largest recyclers in the flooring industry.  Mohawk’s goal is to develop processes and products that allow the company to focus on the five “Rs” of the GreenWorks platform:  reduce, recover, reuse, renew, and recycle.  Strand woven bamboo reduces waste and utilizes a rapidly renewable resource.  Learn more about Mohawk Greenworks at www.mohawkgreenworks.com.

Wilsonart Laminates Get Another Greenguard OK

wilsonart[1]Congrats to Wilsonart Flooring high pressure laminate products  for having been awarded Greenguard Children & Schools Certification.

The second-generation label follows the Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification already received by Wilsonart.

Products receiving the latest certification include Estate Plus, Red Label, Professional Studio, Contract and
BlueFusion Flooring Seam Adhesive.

Wilsonart products are also California Air Resources Board Phase I Compliant (Classic) and California 93120 NAF Compliant (Estate Plus, Red Label, Professional Studio, Contract).

Wilsonart also said it is the first North American laminate flooring manufacturer to receive Forest Stewardship Council Certification Registration.

Shaw Tennessee Hardwood Plant FSC Certified

7f598972-fc05-4cc4-b946-b5583c55244ffullShaw Floors said that its hardwood manufacturing facility in South Pittsburg, Tenn. has earned Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody certification from Scientific Certification Systems, the leading FSC certifier in the U.S.

FSC provides third-party certification confirming that materials used are harvested from well-managed forest operations.

The plant began operations in 2006 and exclusively manufactures the company’s Epic engineered hardwood flooring brand.  Veneers used in Epic are obtained from North American managed forests deemed sustainable by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and all styles are in compliance with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements.

Shaw manufactures FSC-certified Epic hardwood products by special request only. Lead time and minimum quantities will be regulated, the company said.

Shaw Develops New Scuff Resistant Wood Finish

7f598972-fc05-4cc4-b946-b5583c55244ffullShaw has rolled out a new high performance hardwood finish that is initially being used on its Epic engineered products.

Branded ScufResist Platinum, Shaw said the finish increases the product’s durability while keeping aesthetics intact and resists scuffs up to six times better than the competition.

According to Anderson President and CEO Don Finkell, the finish is one of the first innovations to come out of Shaw’s new Hardwood Research & Development Group.

The Group formed in September 2009 as part of Shaw’s hardwood reorganization plan.

The finish is now being used to improve Shaw’s Epic products and will be used in the future to on all of Shaw’s hardwood products. By April 1, all Epic products will be shipped with new finish.

Thanks to Floor Daily for the breaking news!

Acacia – What is it?!?

Mannington AcaciaOn the Pierce Flooring and Design blog Infloormation, a post about Acacia Hardwood by Mannington made me want to learn more about Acacia. As it turns out, it’s quite the versatile shrub/tree.

According to Wikipedia: Acacia (pronounced /??ke???/) is a genus of shrubs and trees belonging to the subfamily Mimosoideae of the family Fabaceae, first described in Africa by the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus in 1773. The plants tend to be thorny and pod-bearing, with sap and leaves typically bearing large amounts of tannins.

Where is it found?

Tasmania, Australia, Africa and America

What all is it used for?

Not only is it used for hardwood flooring, but it can also be used for:

  • In Thailand it is used for soups, curries, omlettes and stir fries.
  • In Mexico, the seeds are used raw in guacamole, sometimes cooked and made into a sauce, fritters and the dried seeds can be toasted and made into a snack.
  • Acacia is listed as an ingredient in Fresca, a citrus soft drink, RC Cola, Barq’s root beer, Full Throttle Unleaded Energy Drink, Strawberry-Lemonade Powerade[9] as well as in Läkerol pastille candies, Altoids mints,Langer’s Pineapple coconut Juice and Wrigley’s Eclipse chewing gum.
  • It can also be used for medicinal purposes.
  • Ornamental species of Acacia are sometimes used for landscaping and even home protection. The sharp thorns make them ideal for placement under windows.
  • Acacia can be planted for erosion control, especially after mining or construction damage.[
  • If that’s not enough – it can even be used in perfumes!

Who knew this shrub/tree could be used for so many things! This is not to be confused with the popular Acai juice and berries that are sweeping the stores. Please let us know if you have heard of other uses for this product!

New Laminate Blog!!

For those of you that can’t get enough flooring information…..Floor Daily let us know that The North American Laminate Flooring Association has created the blog, “All About Laminate Flooring.”

The blog will feature educational information, answers to consumer questions/concerns, industry news and NALFA member product information.

The blog facilitates discussion and encourages consumers to ask questions and provide feedback on their experiences with laminate flooring. The blog will also feature photos, podcasts, articles from guest authors within the industry and links to additional resources such as flooring industry news outlets.

Visitors can subscribe to the blog and receive instant updates when new blog posts are added.

You can find the blog at this address: allaboutlaminateflooring.blogspot.com

A Floor That Will Floor You!

DSC05051On a recent visit to a paper and stationary store, called “Scribbles“, I was flooredDSC05049 by their showroom floor. As you can imagine, I see a lot of floors. After a while, it takes a pretty neat floor to grab and keep my attention. This floor did just that. The building was a former residence with the tenant living there for over 50 years and received no updates or renovations. The current owner of Scribbles saw a vision and brought that vision to reality.

The black floors would have been elegant on their own and would have complimented her design style very well, but the extra step she took to hand paint words and phrases on the floor made me stop and take notice. The handwriting on the floor took the shop from a bunch of great fixtures on a nice floor to a room with personality and a voice that literally came to you from the floors up. This room describes the feeling we all had when naming this blog.

In a residential setting, this same technique could be used in a kitchen, keeping room, dining room, art studio, home office or even a screen porch. I imagine you would want to take care and keep the handwriting out of the traffic patterns and walkways, but can you imagine…..what a conversation starter!

Hand-Sculpted Engineered Hardwood Flooring Pairs Antiquity With Modern High-Style

Macchiato PecanBR-111™ Enhances Antiquity® Hand-Scraped Line With New Exotic Species and Engineered Options Without Sacrificing Old-world Charm

Designers are adept at incorporating old-world pieces in a modern space.  The Antiquity® Hand-Scraped Engineered line by BR-111™ Exotic Hardwood Flooring does just that as it combines antique, custom styling with exotic wood species that give any room a contemporary flair.  The exotic hardwood flooring carries with it a one-of-a-kind signature look, produced by skilled craftsman.

Now with seven new exotic species and engineered options, the BR-111 Antiquity® Hand-Scraped Engineered product line provides more variety than ever before with the following styles: Armagnac Tigerwood, Beaujolais Cherry, Cabernet Pecan, Dolcetto Chestnut, Grenache Amendoim, Shiraz Angelim, and Zinfandel Tigerwood.

“The new Antiquity® Hand-Scraped Engineered line has been developed due to the immense popularity of our solid hand-scraped line,” says BR-111 president Ricardo Moraes.  “We wanted to offer consumers and designers a new flooring style unlike anything on the market.  This cutting-edge line delivers a sophisticated, hand sculpted look in an engineered profile with a classic French-bleed never seen before.”

Each of the new Engineered products, many with color palettes brand new to the hand-scraped line, offer a classic five-inch plank presentation, thick-sawn wear layer and crystal clear aluminum oxide finish.  The classic planks are created at lengths varying from 12 to 86 inches, adding to the flooring’s character.  The Antiquity® Hand-Scraped Engineered flooring can be used on any level of the home or office and is easily stapled, glued, or floated over approved subfloors.

To preview the many options offered within the BR-111 Antiquity® Hand-Scraped Engineered line, consumers and interior designers should visit the company’s website at www.br111.com.


BR-111™ Exotic Hardwood Flooring has been transforming ordinary rooms into extraordinary spaces for nearly 20 years.  As the pioneer in exotic hardwood flooring, BR-111 offers the largest selection of exotic species, color palettes, shapes and finishes with a level of high-style and durability unattainable with common domestic hardwoods.  Three times stronger than oak and ten times sexier, BR-111 exotic hardwood is ideal for making a bold statement from floor to ceiling.  Adding to its intrigue, all BR-111 timber is eco-consciously harvested under forest management regulations stipulated by the Brazilian Environment and Renewable Resource Institute.  In addition, BR-111 is the proud founder of The BR-111 Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering socio-economic progress in Brazil. For more information, visit www.br111.com