A Day of Remembrance

Today is a day for remembering and thanking the service men and women who have given their lives for our country.  Thank you all.

St. Patrick’s Day Fruit Skewers

As small children are learning their colors, the discovery of each color is fun and exciting. Encourage their exploration of each color on a different day. They may have a favorite color – use that color to spark their imagination and grab attention. Use the color of the day to teach your child the name of the given color in several different languages! 

Along the theme of a color of the day, use this healthy snack (this one is themed for St. Patrick’s Day). On a side note any food on a skewers is not a good idea to give to young children.

Creating this themed snack is all about using the appropriate colors. For this particular holiday, use different shades of green. Then create a shaded effect, using the different shades of the fruit.

This snack is super easy and fun to make. First you will need to select green fruit. Once you have your produce, cut it into bite size chunks. Make sure to cut each fruit a little differently. This adds interest to the presentation.

Lay out fruits from darkest to lightest. This will create the shading effect on the skewer.

Things to use:

Wooden Skewers

Honey Dew

Granny Smith Apples


Green Grapes

Green Pear 

Merry Christmas!

May your Christmas be filled with family and friends!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Remembering you all on this holiday of thanks. We are wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Memorial Day

Today we remember and honor every man and woman who has given everything for our country.  Thank you.