Guide for Decorating a Christmas Tree

We probably have all decorated a Christmas tree in our lives. But were we ever taught how to properly assemble and decorate it? Let us be honest, decorating trees are unique to each homeowner. There is not one correct way to do it. But if you find yourself struggling each year, we are here to help! We have five simple steps on how to decorate your Christmas tree. Enjoy!

Guide for Decorating a Christmas Tree:

Step 1: Choose Your Tree.

There are two types of trees out there for consumers: the faux tree and the real tree. Depending on your family’s lifestyle, you may opt for the faux tree to save money each year. But if you are a lover of having a real tree on Christmas, you may choose to buy a fresh one each year. Once you have selected your tree, you are ready to move onto the lights!

Step 2: Begin with The Lights.

The wire of the lights needs to match your tree’s color; therefore, you will find a selection of green and white wired lights. After you have chosen your Christmas tree’s color, you will want to select from one of the four main types of lighting styles.

The lighting styles include:

  • Bubble Lights. These lights are trendy take on the traditional Christmas lights. They can be a beautiful addition to your tree this holiday season.
  • Globe Lights. These lights are a more preppy and a happy take on traditional lighting. They are balls of color throughout the tree that produce a soft and subtle light.
  • Incandescent Lights. These are the most popular lights of the bunch because they provide a warm glow and can actually enhance the smell of your real pine tree throughout the room.
  • LED Lights. These lights are becoming more popular because of their safety features. They are fireproof and flameproof; therefore, homeowners feel completely safe decorating their trees with them.

Step 3: Move onto The Garland.

As you place the garland on your tree, you want to work your way from the top to the bottom. Gently put garland in between openings in the tree branches.

Step 4: Place The Ornaments.

This step is often considered the most fun because you are able to personalize the tree to fit to your liking. The main event should be your favorite ornaments. You want to give them the main focus by placing them on the front section of the tree. After you have set your favorites, you will work from large to small. Start placing the larger ornaments throughout the tree then work your way to the smaller ones.

Step 5: Admire The Beauty.

After all that hard work, you can now admire your beautiful Christmas tree.

What is your favorite Christmas tree ornament? Let us know in the comment section!

Ten Party Ideas to Celebrate The Holidays

The holiday fun does not stop after Thanksgiving. As December 1st hits the calendars, the race begins to get to the malls for holiday gift shopping. During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, homeowners may feel stressed, overworked, and tired. The last thing you probably want to do is organize a get-together with all of your friends. Do not let the stress of the holidays stop you from enjoying yourself. Everyone needs a little break here or there, but what if you could combine a break with getting done seasonal chores? Sounds genius, right? Well, we have ten party ideas to help you celebrate the holidays AND accomplish your seasonal tasks! Let us take a look:

Party Idea #1: Custom Ornaments.

This party is perfect for all ages! Custom ornaments have been a treasured gift for as long as we can remember. For the party, you want to gather blank, new ornaments or provide thick paper for your guests to create their own. Just throw on some Christmas jams and get crafting!

Party Idea #2: Deck The Tree.

It may seem like an odd idea to have your guests help you decorate your tree, but you may be surprised by how willing guests are to help. Just be sure to provide buckets of ornaments, tinsel, and lights for guests to help dress up your tree for the season.

Party Idea #3: Movie Marathon.

Who does not love cheesy Christmas movies? We sure do! Have a movie marathon and feature all of the holiday classics for all ages to enjoy.

Party Idea #4: Winter Wreaths.

Did you know you can make your own custom wreaths? This actually makes for a fantastic holiday party, because guests get to walk away with a gift for themselves!

Party Idea #5: Cookie Decorating.

Santa will need some fresh baked cookies for Christmas morning; a cookie decorating party can be just the yummy holiday fun you desire!

Party Idea #6: Holiday Gift Exchange.

Sometimes it is difficult to get together individually with all of your friends or family to exchange presents. The solution: have a holiday gift exchange party. To make things interesting, you can throw a white elephant gift exchange. During this type of gift exchange, you have all of your friends or family bring a gift that meets your set price (i.e., $15). Once everyone arrives, everyone will receive a number. You go through the numbers in order and have each individual open a present in front of everyone. The gifts can only be “stolen” once per turn. To keep things fair, each item can only be stolen a maximum of three times, and by the third steal, it becomes the 3rd person’s gift (no more steals).

Party Idea #7: Gingerbread House.

Decorating gingerbread houses can be a fun and rewarding activity. After the party, each guest gets to walk away with a unique holiday decoration for their home (a personalized gingerbread house). Be sure to provide tons of fun icing colors, toppings, and homes for everyone to partake.

Party Idea #8: Christmas Caroling.

If you are looking to bring holiday cheer, Christmas caroling may be the party for you! Have a set list of songs you plan to perform and gather your closest friends. Afterward, invite everyone back to your house for hot cocoa and cookies.

Party Idea #9: Gift Wrapping Galore.

Busy parents have a lot of gift wrapping and little time. Not to mention, they need to wrap while the little ones are sleeping or at school. With little time to wrap, a gift wrapping party may be just what your friends need! Have each guest bring wrapping paper to share and provide several options yourself. Turn on a holiday movie and get wrapping!

Party Idea #10: Holiday Treats Pot-Luck.

If you do not have time to prepare a meal for your party, make it a holiday pot-luck. Ask your friends to bring their favorite holiday treats and meals to share! This helps get everyone in the holiday spirit and cuts down on stress for the host/hostess.

What holiday party could you see yourself throwing this season? Let us know in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

A Day of Remembrance

Today is a day for remembering and thanking the service men and women who have given their lives for our country.  Thank you all.

St. Patrick’s Day Fruit Skewers

As small children are learning their colors, the discovery of each color is fun and exciting. Encourage their exploration of each color on a different day. They may have a favorite color – use that color to spark their imagination and grab attention. Use the color of the day to teach your child the name of the given color in several different languages! 

Along the theme of a color of the day, use this healthy snack (this one is themed for St. Patrick’s Day). On a side note any food on a skewers is not a good idea to give to young children.

Creating this themed snack is all about using the appropriate colors. For this particular holiday, use different shades of green. Then create a shaded effect, using the different shades of the fruit.

This snack is super easy and fun to make. First you will need to select green fruit. Once you have your produce, cut it into bite size chunks. Make sure to cut each fruit a little differently. This adds interest to the presentation.

Lay out fruits from darkest to lightest. This will create the shading effect on the skewer.

Things to use:

Wooden Skewers

Honey Dew

Granny Smith Apples


Green Grapes

Green Pear 

Merry Christmas!

May your Christmas be filled with family and friends!

Merry Christmas!