Get Your Dining Room Ready for the Holidays!

If you are fan of decorating shows and blogs, you’ll know there is a big trend right now to mixing and matching furniture. Breaking up sets of furniture and adding pieces from different eras and styles are popular with designers on and off television.  So, don’t be afraid of bringing in different chairs around the table for more seating for your guests. The typical set of dining room furniture where the chairs, table, buffet and china cabinet are all purchased together is changing and evolving. Adding your personal touch to a set of furniture will make it feel less like you are living in a furniture showroom or model home.

As you can see in the dining room above, there is a mix of three different sets of chairs around the table.  It still looks elegant with this collection of chairs.  The chandelier is a great way to add sophistication to the space.  The neutral patterned wallpaper enriches the entire room, without overpowering it.  The storage cabinet in the back is a perfect solution for storing plates and decorations.  The mirror makes the room feel bigger; if you have a mirror hanging just make sure to have it reflecting something pleasing to the eye.  A buffet area would allow for extra space to place food or drinks that are easy to access during the holiday meals.

Make the holidays interesting by having special table settings and decorations around the room.  Cut into a gourd or pumpkin and you can place your guests’ names there for place settings.  Candlesticks or vases with flowers are always a great option for centerpieces.  Get the kids involved and have craft time. You can display their special crafts as centerpieces for the table or décor for around the house.

Have fun with your dining room decorating this holiday season! There are no rules as long as you enjoy it.  Get creative and enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

Home Office Storage

When you work from home, it’s smart to set up your own location for basic office supplies. You can buy a simple two-door cabinet like this one, or add shelves and doors to a closet so that you’re able to recreate this type of storage space.

Before you set up your cabinet, choose a location with hard even flooring like the one in this photo, and then use a level and shims to make sure that the cabinet is even. This will keep the doors from falling closed or open and keep your supplies in place.

It makes sense to limit your choices so that you don’t have to use up too much space. Think of your office basics. To start, what do you need for your computer and printer? You may want to buy a case of paper because it’s less expensive than buying it by the 500-sheet ream. Ink in an ink-jet printer often runs out without warning, so it’s a good idea to have an extra set of color and black and white ink cartridges.

Make a list of supplies that you use regularly, and those that could cause trouble or inconvenience if you ran out of them unexpectedly. Add to that list those items that are less expensive if bought in bulk. Now you have a good start.

To avoid unnecessary clutter, look for a few boxes or containers to hold things such as paper clips, staples, pens and other small items. Don’t overcrowd the shelves so that you can keep track of materials easily. If you want, place a small clipboard or notepad on the inside of one door to write down a shopping list when you use up your extra supplies or start running low.

While a cabinet like this may take some time and effort to set up, your office supplies will then be permanently under control with very little additional effort on your part.

Question 10 In the Series Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Flooring

Today we are answering the last  question in the 1o part series: Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Flooring.

Question: Won’t it be cheaper if I buy my floors and install them myself?

Answer: It certainly can be cheaper to install flooring yourself, but there are a few things to keep in mind about the overall decision.

Some flooring installation require specialized tools. These tools can be expensive to buy and / or complicated and dangerous to use if you are not familiar with them.

If a floor type such as ceramic tile is installed improperly, often the only way to repair it is to remove the floor and start over in which case you end up buying the material twice! In other cases, it can cost more for a professional to repair damage done during a DIY installation that it would have to have it professionally installed from the beginning.

Improper installation techniques can also result in the warranty being voided.

If you are typically a handy person and are comfortable with tools, a do it yourself installation may be for you. Just be sure to weigh all of the possible consequences before making that decision!

Avaire Interlocking Floating Porcelin Tiles

That’s right – you read it correctly….. interlocking floating porcelain tiles.

Avaire, made in Omaha Nebraska, began with a vision 5 years ago to provide consumers with a floor that is much easier to install than traditional, difficult and time consuming methods and a floor that will perform much better when faced with inevitable and natural structural shifts and environmental changes. After extensive research and testing, their vision because a reality with Avaire interlocking floating porcelain featuring their patent pending SnapSys Interloc technology. They are determined to provide the most user friendly, highest quality and best performing floor products.

These real porcelain tiles are designed utilizing the most advanced screen technologies available. What does this mean to you? A real, natural looking stone product at a remarkable price! Also, the installation process is faster and easier. The installation system floats rather than being fixed to the subfloor. (the tile is permanently bonded on an interlocking tray and rubberized base)  This eliminates the need to purchase thin set or backer board that can release dust into the air and allows for easy replacement of tiles should you damage a tile after it is installed. AND YOU CAN GROUT THE SAME DAY saving you time and getting your living conditions back to normal faster. You can even install over existing floors keeping your existing floors out of the landfill or remove it and reuse it later.

If that’s not enough, the tiles are less moisture absorbent than traditional tile which makes it easier to clean.

For those of you that didn’t stop reading at “….which makes it easier to clean.” to go purchase these tiles you may be wondering what the catch is. Are there different styles? Colors? Sizes?

There are different collections giving you a variety of colors,sizes and styles to choose from with 15 coordinating grout colors and transition and trim pieces to complete the job.

Interested in seeing the product? You can order samples here or locate a dealer here. To see what others are saying about Avaire, check out their testimonials. To learn more about their warranty, click here.

If you have used this product in your home or office, send us some pictures and let us know how easy the installation process was!