Tile Adds Style

This is a beautiful stairway that perfectly suits the home’s style. Many elements make this area of the home special: the wrought iron railings, the dramatic curve of the stairway itself, and the plants that balance that curve.

One of the more dramatic and effective elements of this stair is the warm-toned decorative tiles along the risers. The decision to add color through the tiles, using two different tile choices that coordinate while having enough style connections to complement each other, helps create a strong design impact. This would be a beautiful stairway without the tile, but adding it defines each step and increases the power and appeal of the room.

Do you have stairs in your home that could benefit from applying tile vertically on the risers? Because of tile’s weather-resistant nature, this is also an option as part of your outdoor landscaping.

If you have plain concrete steps to your front door, consider tile or stone covering the steps and decorative tile risers that coordinate with your home. You could turn an uneventful entrance into something that captures attention and makes a statement before people even enter your home.

Do you have steps, built in benches or planters on your backyard patio? Adding decorative tile along the edges that coordinate well with each other could integrate your outdoor areas while adding color and an additional design element.

Tile comes in virtually any color and style. You can choose a more neutral tile that adds a subtle touch or go wild with something that shows a strong personality. Visit our showroom to see all the possibilities.

Hot Flooring Trend: FiberFloor

The newest category in resilient flooring is fast becoming a hit with homeowners, design mavens and consumer product experts alike. Debbie Travis, international television host and renovation expert, recently featured the new Tarkett FiberFloor product on her show. Consumer Digest ‘Best Buy’ awarded the new FiberFloor its prestigious Consumer Digest Best Buy Honor.

The Consumer Digest editors said of the honor, “You would have to pay more than double the price to get as many color choices as Tarkett’s Easy Living line offers. The line’s three collections – Classic, Fun and Fashion – have the most varied selection of vinyl designs that we’ve seen.”

FiberFloor combines the benefits of carpet, vinyl and laminate flooring all in one product. It also boasts over 200 designs in three collections, colors and textures, which include impressive faux stones, wood grains and rustic tiles.

Gary Finseth, Director of Marketing for Tarkett Residential said, “Consumers shopping for flooring in this economy want a dependable floor that provides ongoing value. Smart homeowners are discovering that today’s fiber-backed resilient sheet flooring products aren’t their grandmother’s vinyl. The latest options, like FiberFloor, offer incomparable design, style and durability – at a price that doesn’t break their budget. These floors look great every day and resist scuffs, scratches, indentations and even water.”

It is estimated that American homeowners change their interior décor every five years. One issue they face in “redecorating” is they feel stuck with the flooring they have no matter what else they may change. Well, apparently FiberFloor makes changing your flooring almost as easy as changing your paint colors. Choose a faux stone tile one year and replace it five years down the road with faux distressed wood planks.

Mannington Adura Floors – Reader Question

Reader Question:

We are very interested in purchasing the Adura wood flooring for our lake house but we are finding it difficult to find anyone that has installed this product and have concerns.
Our house has all cedar trim along the floor and we would like to have the Adura flooring butt right up against the cedar for a clean straight look – is this possible or would we have to install an additional trim?

I look forward to hearing from you.




Thanks for your comment. Adura is a wonderful product and will be great for your lake house! We used it in our corporate offices and LOVE it.

On Mannington’s installation instructions it says: “Cover all exposed edges. Use wood molding or vinyl cove base along all walls, cabinet toe kicks, etc. Use transition

strips in doorways or where new flooring joins another floor covering. Caulk along tubs, toilet bowls, etc.”

You can read all of the instructions here.


Hope this information helps!


A Floor That Will Floor You!

On a recent visit to a paper and stationary store, called “Scribbles“, I was floored by their showroom floor. As you can imagine, I see a lot of floors. After a while, it takes a pretty neat floor to grab and keep my attention. This floor did just that. The building was a former residence with the tenant living there for over 50 years and received no updates or renovations. The current owner of Scribbles saw a vision and brought that vision to reality.

The black floors would have been elegant on their own and would have complimented her design style very well, but the extra step she took to hand paint words and phrases on the floor made me stop and take notice. The handwriting on the floor took the shop from a bunch of great fixtures on a nice floor to a room with personality and a voice that literally came to you from the floors up. This room describes the feeling we all had when naming this blog.

In a residential setting, this same technique could be used in a kitchen, keeping room, dining room, art studio, home office or even a screen porch. I imagine you would want to take care and keep the handwriting out of the traffic patterns and walkways, but can you imagine…..what a conversation starter!

LEED Now Recognizes FSC Certified Bamboo

The U.S. Green Building Council has ruled that Forest Stewardship Council-certified bamboo plywood and flooring can now be included in calculations for LEED certification.

The ruling followed a credit interpretation request submitted by a project team who specified Smith & Fong’s Plyboo FSC-certified bamboo flooring for a multi-use project in North Carolina.

After reviewing the request, the USGBC determined the bamboo products specified for the project met LEED criteria.

The review concluded that bamboo is often used in many of the same applications as wood products, and is considered by the FSC to be a forest product despite its technical classification as a grass. FSC-certified bamboo building products will now be recognized within LEED’s MRc7 Credit.

Smith & Fong received certification for its in April 2008.