Simple Tricks for Housing Guests without a Guest Bedroom

If you do not have a bedroom to spare, you may be left without a proper guest bedroom. But fear not, because we have six simple ideas to help transfer your space into a guest’s hideaway. Let’s take a look!

Simple Ideas for Housing Guests without a Guest Bedroom:

Add a Tension Rod with Curtains.

If you are trying to create a closed-off space for your guests, you can install a tension rod with curtains inside one of your rooms. This simple hack will easily close off their area of the room by giving them privacy and comfort.

Place in a Room Divider.

Another solution for instant room division is a divider. Room dividers can be easily removed at a moment’s notice, making it a perfect last-minute solution. You can place the room divider inside of any room with extra space to feature your guest’s hideaway.

Buy a Sofa-Bed.

If you are worried about where they will sleep, you can invest in a sofa-bed. Sofa-beds are fantastic because they are dual-purpose. In the daytime, they provide a cozy place to sit and watch television. In the evening, they can be turned into your guest’s bed for a good night’s rest.

Provide The Essentials.

Guest bedrooms tend to come along with essential items like extra blankets, clean sheets, towels, and even extra phone chargers. Although you do not have a guest bedroom, you can make this designated area special by incorporating these items. You can also make them a friendly welcome basket for their stay. The basket could include some of the items previously listed and even things that are special to your city.

Give a Proper Nightstand.

If you are hosting your guests in your living room, be sure to convert your end table into a proper nightstand for the evening. That means clearing it off of extra decor pieces and providing the essential items we previously listed.

Make It Have Easy Access to a Bathroom.

Lastly, before you decide on the location of your temporary guest bedroom, you want to be sure that you choose somewhere with a central location to the bathroom. The last thing you would want is your guests stumbling over everything in the middle of the night to get to the bathroom.

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks! Be sure to check back weekly for more expert advice.

Professional Organizational Advice for Your Home Office

If you tend to bring your work home, you understand the importance of having a fully-functioning home office. Even homeowners who work from home, enjoy the luxuries of having an office space right there. Having a home office to work from can be great, but what if your office is underused. There is a desk, sure, but you have not been able to use your office in quite some time. We totally get it and that is why we have created four organizational tips to help make your office fully-functioning by this weekend. Let’s take a look!

Four Office Organization Tips:

Systemize. Your office may be a mess when it comes to the filing systems you have created. Using an efficient filing system will change your life. A good tip is to create a color-coded system for filing. You will want to divide each personal record into a different colored category for example:

Red: Medical
Orange: Dental
Yellow: School
Green: Home
Blue: Personal
Purple: Finances

Computerize. Just imagine all the space you could save by getting rid of the physical paper copies you own. Transfer all of your paper records onto your computer by scanning the documents onto your computer. Generally, it is a good idea to keep the physical copies of significant documents, but you could have two copies just in case. After you put all of your records on your computer, you can color-code your folders to match the color categories you previously used in your filing system.

Minimize & Categorize. Try to minimize the clutter by placing your office supplies in bins inside your desk. While you are sorting through your office supplies, it is a good idea to sort through the items that you want to keep and the items you can donate. After you have placed items inside a box, you can label each box with the category of contents inside of the box (I.e., writing utensils, crafting paper, etc).

Centralize. Your home office can be at the forefront for all of your household needs. Since mail will need sorted and potentially filed, it is a good idea to create a mail station in your home office. Just place a bin on your desk for the mail that needs to be read and sorted.

We hope that these four tips will help you organize your office space quickly and efficiently. We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.

Repetition Matters

Patterns are great tools to utilize in your home.  Repetition through the use of pattern helps captivate the mind and is intriguing to the overall design perspective.  Bold colors and designs can make strong statements through repetition as well as help encompass the room’s theme.  Here are several ways to put patterns in your home to aid your space’s design:
Splash of Color in a Neutral Room
If you have a neutral room lacking emphasis and color, try incorporating a bold accent color through repetition. Colors can help change the room’s feel.  For example, a neutral living room with no color will respond great to red throw pillows, a couple of red accented pictures on the wall, and simple red decor.  By repeating a color (i.e., red), you are providing a more continuous design scheme.
Pro-Tip: Adding red will help the room have a more soft, warm feel.  Whereas, on the contrary, adding blue to the room as the primary could help give a more tranquil, cool vibe.
Hard Angles Versus Soft Curves
This one can be overlooked in some design themes.  Pay attention to your room’s furniture and angles.  If your furniture has sharp angles, continue this concept throughout the room.  The rest of your furniture should help complement one another.  If your space has round edges, you can also have more circular attributes in the room’s decor as well.  Keeping this repetition in a room will help give a sense of unity and balance.
Direction and Patterns
If you plan on incorporating stripes and patterns, be sure to keep unity throughout the space.  Vertical lines and horizontal patterns can clash if not done correctly.  Repetition matters and how you use these patterns should help add to the room’s overall theme.  If you have a striped wall as a primary viewpoint of the room, try to have decor compliment the focal point.   Polka dots can be a useful, creative design tool to use as an attention-drawer. They can help add depth to a room with contradicting colors.  When trying to match polka dots, consider using similar patterns and colors through the room’s design to help strengthen your space’s aesthetic.
However, you chose to use patterns and repetition in your room will help amplify the features of your space.  Different patterns can be used to capture height or depth.  Consider what your overall design is and what repetition should then allow it to be the room’s base.
Remember, patterns make great accents to rooms to help with the overall aesthetics, and the use of repetition will help create consistency and an effortless flow from one room to the next. 

How to Make Your Living Room Feel Bigger

Are you bothered by the size of your living room? Does it often times feel small and even uninviting? If so, you are not alone. Many homeowners struggle with the size of their living room. They want to make the space to feel more welcoming but have a limited amount of room. To help you in this process, we have five ideas for making your living room feel bigger. 

How to Make Your Living Room Feel Bigger:

1. Close + Personal

In living rooms, homeowners tend to block the room off by pushing furniture onto the walls. This unknowingly can create an unwelcoming environment. To help make your space feel more open, we recommend pulling your sofa and chairs away from the wall. By bringing your furniture more into the center of the room, you are inviting conversation. This limited amount of distance can make your room feel more snug and cozy for guests. 

2. On The Line

Patterns with horizontal lines can make your room look bigger and vertical lines can make your room look taller. Including vertical or horizontal lines can help open up your space. Plus, you can even get creative with your lines and have them be curved, chevron, or dotted. 

3. Level Up.

To help make your ceilings feel taller, you can use your wall decor. The key is to have your decor work its way up the wall. You want to work with the lower portion, the middle portion, and the upper portion of the wall. Place your decor in a way that slowly moves your eyes in an upward direction. This concept will make your ceilings feel taller and ultimately, your room feel larger. 

4. Layers

Layering your furniture can create more walking space for you and your family. To layer your furniture, you want to move items closer to one another. For example, you can have a table against the back of your couch to provide more walking room. Once you have placed the table against the couch, you will want to layer it with essential items like lighting, electronics and books. By layering, you will eliminate the bulk of unnecessary items. 

5. Open Concept = Open Design.

If you have an open concept, you want to make sure that everything ties together. By that we mean, your living room’s design should work well with your kitchen’s design. If you tie together these designs, you can create a more open and larger space. Just make sure that your furniture, fabrics, color scheme, and patterns all flow from one room to the next. 

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks! 


Everday Decor Tips and Tricks

Are you looking for design hacks that do not expire? With our everyday decor tips and tricks, you can begin to transform your home into the timeless paradise you always wanted. Let’s get started! 


Everyday Decor Tips + Tricks

  1. Develop Your Design

An important tip for all homeowners is that you need to be constantly evolving your style. We do not necessarily mean that each year, you will need to completely redecorate, but you should try and incorporate new trends into your current design. This will help to make sure that your home is always in style while being a timeless classic. 

  1. Be Unique. 

Your personal taste and style are what will make your home stand out from every other house. Let your creativity go wild while designing. Your uniqueness will ultimately make you love your space more and feel confident in your decor abilities. Take some time to get creative and explore online boards and magazines to gain inspiration. You may be surprised by your expertise. 

  1. Go Bold

Designing your home is an opportunity to go bold with your style. From daring colors to intriguing textures, you can create a boldly unique space. We challenge you to try doing one bold thing in each room! If you need help in deciding, we would love to assist you in the design process. 

  1. Accessorize

When in doubt, accessorize. Decor holds together an entire design and adds personality to your space. We recommend adding decor whenever you have the chance to spice up your look. 

  1. Go Slow

Decorating takes time; everything cannot happen all at once. With thoughtful budgeting and planning, you can ultimately create the place of your dreams. Our best advice is to take the process as slow as you need. Have everything planned out and budget before you begin to help make everything room smoothly. 

  1. A Picture Lasts a Lifetime

Family pictures can be one of the most classic decor pieces in a home. They make the home more personalized and do not break the bank. If you are looking to get artsy, you can incorporate them into a gallery wall. 

  1. Light It Up

Your home’s lighting is essential. From natural lighting to light fixtures, you want to be on top of the game. Be sure that your room is producing enough light to create an open space. 

  1. Natural Beauty

Plants will never go out of style. They are a bright and refreshing decor piece that can spruce up your place. 

  1. Graphical Inspiration

Lastly, incorporating graphic prints can be an easy decor tip for all homeowners. From patterned pillows to textured wallpaper, your home can be an artistic paradise. 

Finish your home off with beautiful flooring. With exceptional service and high-quality products, we will help make your home an everyday masterpiece.

Easy Laundry Room Updates

Updating your laundry room seems to be last on your priority list. Having a nice laundry room would be amazing, but you do not see yourself moving forward with any remodeling right now. That is understandable when there are more dominant rooms like your kitchen or living room, but what if we told you that you could accomplish it in one day? Updating your laundry room does not need to be time-consuming or frustrating with these simple tricks.


Easy Laundry Room Updates: 

  • Add a Fresh Coat of Paint. Switching up your room’s paint color can change the room’s feel and appearance. Laundry rooms are usually boring, but yours does not have to be. Try using a vibrant color, one that you would not normally use throughout your home. Appliances are usually simple and they will not distract from your powerfully colored walls. 
  • Incorporate Baskets. Baskets are essential to organizing your laundry. Try incorporating your baskets inside of the lower cabinets or invest in tasteful baskets that can be left out as a part of your decoration. 
  • Install New Light Fixtures. Invest in some quality light fixtures for your laundry room. It is important to see stains on your clothing and lighting can play a factor in that. 
  • Change The Knobs. Update your current laundry room by putting on new cabinet knobs/handles. 
  • Separate The Space. Depending on your space, adding curtains or a door can section off the room. If you do not have a “laundry room,” you can add a door or curtain in front of the washer and dryer to section it off from the rest of the house.  Make sure that the flooring creates a dividing line as well.  Laundry rooms or spaces should have flooring that can handle water!
  • Personalize it. Hang pictures and fun artwork from your walls to add personality to the room. You can even add a gallery wall to accent a specific wall in the space.
  • Replace Your Sink. Laundry rooms sinks get worn and torn easily. Consider swapping out your current sink for a newer model. There is an assortment of sink choices to select from ranging in various prices. 


Choosing to do all of these or some of these can wash away your laundry room blues. We hope you enjoy these simple tricks for updating your laundry room.

The Ultimate Guest Room Getaway

From parents to friends, hosting guests is a big deal. You want to make sure that they are comfortable and happy during their stay at your house. They chose to stay at your house over staying at a hotel that means a lot. To help make sure your guest room is top notch, we have a list of five tips for the ultimate guest room getaway.


The Ultimate Guest Room Getaway

Tip No. One: Cozy on up.

The comfort of your guests is important to you; therefore, when you are shopping for the room you want to buy the best you can. Purchase high-thread-count sheets, a thick blanket, and a beautiful comforter/duvet. Finish the bed off with some plush pillows. 

Tip No. Two: They do not need to ask. 

Meet your guest’s needs before they arrive. Stock the room with towels and extra blankets. Place some good books for them to read on the nightstand. The books can also serve as a stylish decor piece. Inside the nightstand, store travel-sized toiletries for the guests to use like shampoo, toothpaste, and soap. If you have extra room, consider putting a coffee station in the room for them to make coffee, tea, and other drinks. 

Tip No. Three: Stylish staple pieces. 

Think about the items you use every day in your bedroom and make sure to include those pieces in your guest bedroom. Big mirrors and beautiful clocks are essentials for your spare room. 

Tip No. Four: Light up the night.

Be sure to place a bedside lamp next to the bed for your guests to read or do work at night. This way they will not disturb the rest of the house by turning on the main lights at night. 

Tip No. Five: Finish off with flowers. 

Before your guests arrive, run to your local florists or grocery store to pick up some fresh, beautiful flowers. The flowers will add a special touch to the well-planned room. 


Nothing says “ultimate getaway” like brand new flooring from (add store’s name). Call us at (phone #) or visit us at (address) for more information and pricing. We look forward to helping you with your next project. 

How to Get a Lot Out of a Little (Space)

Sadly, major cities offer little to no space in homes and apartments. It has become a necessity for people to quickly adjust on how to manage their small space. Over time, we accumulate more and more items which can add to the stress of finding storage in a tiny space. There is no need to fret, here is how to get a lot out a little (space):


1. Store high above.

There is so much storage right in front of our eyes that we may not even realize is there. When in doubt, just look up. You can install cabinets, hooks to hang your bike, place extra clothing rods, put in a pot rack, etc. 


2. Double the purpose.  

When there is little space available, your items will begin to serve several purposes. In recent years, products on the market have begun to institute this rule. You can buy a shelving system that turns into your dining room table. This comes in handy because during the day your items are tucked away neatly but come dinner time you have a nice dining room table. 


3. Sensible seating.

 Seating is extremely important when you are entertaining guests. Think about the layout of your space, it may be wise to get a small sofa and a fabric chair rather than two large sofas to take up space. 


4. Fold them up. 

Sellers know buyers have small spaces.  This is the reason why foldable items are available today. Depending on your space’s size, you can invest in a fold-down bed, vanity or desk. These items create an efficient amount of space in rooms while being tucked away. 


5. Pegboard Please. 

Pegboards are not just for garages anymore. They can add a stylish storage function for homeowners. Clip on a mail bin or hang portraits from the pegboard. They offer endless possibilities and they are unique to each homeowner. 


6. Deck it out. 

Your small space does not have to be boring. Decorate the walls where there is extra space. Do not rely heavily on the areas provided by the floor, walls are your friends. 


We hope that you can utilize these tips in any of your small spaces!  Remember, they are not exclusive to small apartments!

How To DIY Picture Frames Using Old Candle Jars

Isn’t it about time we started displaying photos in more unusual ways than standard photo frames? Even the most creative frame from the local store is still a bit mundane, because it relies on the old ways of a flat piece of glass surrounded by a wood or metal frame. Here is a truly whimsical way to feature your favorite photos in your home.

  1. Clean candle jars until they’re crystal clear. Fill the jar with water that’s at a full boil. Let it cool completely! Once it’s cool the wax floats right to the top. Discard the water, and absolutely do not pour it down drain. (Or you might as well just put hot wax down the drain!) Check for stubborn wax remnants and get rid of them by using soapy water and a brillo pad. Rinse and let dry completely.
  2. Decide which photos you’d like to display. Print them at a size that allows the image to fill as much of the glass as possible. The bigger the better, so don’t be afraid to print an image 5×7 or 8×10, and then trim the edges with a paper cutter. We recommend having them professionally printed. Although home printers are great, the images don’t typically do as well behind glass
  3. Slip the photo in and form it to the curve of the glass. It is not imperative, nor even advised, that it wrap around completely. This project looks best when there is still some clear glass to be seen.
  4. Fill the jar part-way with a material that is similar to the theme of the photo. For example, use sand behind a photo from your beach vacation. Or, streamers and confetti behind a photo from New Year’s Eve.
  5. If you like, tie ribbon, twine, or something else around the top of the jar to make the final product a little more fanciful and complete.

How To Reuse and Repurpose Glass Containers: Candle Jars & Essential Oil Bottles

Now that we’ve got recycling under control and most folks are on board, people have shifted their focus to upcycling. Rather than simply destroy the materials in order to reuse them, upcycling involves creating a new and/or better use for them. No turn around process necessary! Household items have infinite possibilities, but here are two ideas that will allow you to hang on to glass containers and save money.

Candle Jars

The method you choose depends on how clean you want the glass to be when you’re done. If you don’t mind a bit of “foggy” residue then you can simply use the freezer method. Freeze the candle jar for 30 minutes, and presto, the wax pops right out. Use a butter knife to gently dislodge it.

If you want the jars to be clean and clear, opt for the hot water method. Simply fill the jar with water that’s at a full boil. Let it cool completely! Once it’s cool the wax floats right to the top! Discard the water, and absolutely do not pour it down the drain. (Or you might as well put hot wax down your drain!) Once the jar is rinsed and dried, check for stubborn wax remnants. To get rid of them, use soapy water and a brillo pad, and you’ll have a great basic glass piece for your project.

Essential Oil Bottles

Although it might sound like quite a challenge to reuse a container with a strong, concentrated fragrance, a little soaking goes a long way! Start by peeling off the label. Remove plastic cap and dropper cover, and submerge all parts in warm soapy water. Soak overnight. Discard water and remove any remaining particles from the labels. (Lemon essential oil will help if a label is especially sticky and stubborn.)  You might be able to stop at this point, but if traces of the scent remain, put all parts in a bowl of ½ water and ½ alcohol. Soak overnight again, rinse, and air dry.