Quick and Simple Bathroom Updates

Are you looking for quick and cost-effective bathroom updates that you can do in one day? Well, look no further! We have created a list of six effective and efficient ideas for the busy homeowner. Let us get started!


Quick & Simple Bathroom Updates

  1. Up In The Air. Floating shelf systems are a creative way to store or display your items. Plus, they do not take up any precious floor space. Floating shelf systems are perfect for homeowners who have a little extra wall space and a little more to store. Try this unique look above your toilet or even on your wall with pictures.  
  2. On The Side. A way to make your bathroom instantly more luxurious is by adding a side table next to the bathtub. This works especially well if you own a large bathtub. The side table can hold a towel and a luffa or something more decorative like a photo or art piece. 
  3. Lights On. Light fixtures can transform a space and they are relatively easy to switch. You may be surprised by how much a new light fixture brightens your space.
  4. Revamped. If your bathroom cabinets are looking dull, you can spruce them up with a fresh coat of paint. Once the paint has dried, you can replace the cabinet handles with a more modern piece of hardware. Also, be sure to update your toilet paper holder and towel bar.
  5. Divide & Conquer. The organization of bathroom is extremely important. To keep your bathroom clean and organized, add drawer organizers to separate your items. This will help create a tidy bathroom and plenty of storage. 
  6. Artistic Touch. Your bathroom can be decorated like any other room in the home. You can add a gallery wall, sculptures, flowers, and rugs to your space. Just be sure that you do not add too many items and make the place feel “tight” or “overwhelming.” Try and keep it to a minimalistic approach and build your decor as you go. 


Having a budget does not mean you need to sacrifice style! For more budget-friendly design inspiration, check out our store!

Four Tips for a Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in a resale. Aside from bathrooms, kitchens will play a big role in a buyer’s decision process. Whether you are renovating for yourself or a future resale, updating your kitchen can be a fantastic idea. To help you, we have created four tips for you to use during your renovation. Let us get started! 


4 Tips for a Kitchen Renovation

Tip #1: Lit. 

    • The lighting you use in your kitchen can be more important than you might think. You want the lighting to be focused on your specific “work areas.” Areas like the sink, stove, and island will be your focus. 
    • When you choose the lighting for these areas, you want it to provide a significant amount of light. Since you are working with knives and hot tools, it can be imperative for you to see what you are doing. To help avoid injury and make life a little easier, we recommend “spotlighting” these important areas.

Tip #2: The Backsplash.

Your backsplash can be very diverse. Typically, a backsplash is used to add design and style to your space, but it can also help protect our walls from food splashing. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but backsplash provides a layer of protection for our kitchen surfaces. Be sure to add a gorgeous backsplash to your kitchen during the renovation. 

Tip #3: Island

An island can be an incredible space for prep-work. They provide extra kitchen counter space while adding to the overall look of the room. If you are planning on using your island for prepping, be sure to add a sink. The sink will add ease of mind when prepping and cooking your favorite meals. Plus, consider adding storage on the outside walls of the island. A little bit of storage can go a long way! Be sure to talk to your contractor about all of the kitchen island possibilities. 

Tip #4: Convenience

During a remodel, you can add those special features that you wish you always had. Items like a pot-filler, wine cooler or lazy-susan can transform your space and personalize it to your taste. Be sure to mention your interests to your contractor and see what you can add to your space. 


With a kitchen renovation underway, you will need new flooring from a company that you can trust! Rely on us to be your number one flooring provider! We will work hard to transform your space in a timely matter. Contact us today for information on our pricing and services. 


5 Ways To Achieve A Vintage Style in Your Bedroom

Looking for unique decor ideas for your bedroom? Make your bedroom both stylish and functional by embracing more vintage elements. Yes, a vintage style bedroom leads to an old-fashioned yet classic look that can’t be replicated. Decide what era you would like to recreate and dive on in!


Here are a few elements that every vintage style room needs:


Repurposed Furnishing

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of a vintage style decor is that you don’t have to purchase new or trendy furnishing pieces. Instead, you can use older, handed down pieces and repurpose them so that they are fully functional. You can shop at thrift shops, flea markets and garage sales for local treasures. Breathe a new life into old or neglected pieces such as window shutters or dressing tables. We’ve seen old doors revamped into a headboard. The sky is really the limit.


White Walls or Floors

If you really want to recreate a vintage vibe then you should paint it white. Whether it’s the walls, floors or both whitewashed floorboards and walls gives off that antique feeling. Opt for whites with warmer undertones such as a buttermilk or vanilla as opposed to stark white.


Go for the Delicate

If you’re interested in a vintage boudoir look than you should select lots of frilly fabrics, distressed furniture and pretty yet muted colors like a pink and pale peach. Use lace bedding and a vintage patterned rug. Lots of floral prints and patterns work best with this look.


Don’t Forget the Dressing (Table)

A vintage bedroom isn’t complete without a dressing table. Whether you steering towards a Grand Victorian handcrafted from wood or a distressed repurposed desk you can use the surface to showcase your jewelry, perfume, and pictures.


Vintage Details

Be sure to implement vintage accents to really achieve an old school look. Ask your older family members if they have any tokens from their past that they are willing to part with. An old-school typewriter can be a great accent accessory. You can create a nightstand table out of stacked vintage suitcases.


Have fun taking your bedroom back to a different era.  Post photos here if you have done this yourself!



Different Ways to Arrange Your Living Room

Your living room can be reimagined into several different designs, styles, and arrangements. The way you arrange your living room says a lot about what you find important. If your furniture is facing the television, you may enjoy spending time relaxing and watching television after a long day. If your furniture is facing the other furniture in your living room, you probably enjoy using your living room for conversing with other people. There is no right way to arrange a living room; it truly depends on personal taste and preferences. If you are interested in rearranging your living room, we have the top six different ways you can rearrange it. 


Different Ways to Arrange Your Living Room

Arrangement #1: Inviting Conversation

The most popular seating arrangement is called the “H” or “U” design. In this seating arrangement, you have your couches and chairs set up in either an “H” or “U” shape. These shapes for your furniture will help increase conversation flow amongst your guests. 

Arrangement #2: The Ultimate Divide

Another popular arrangement is using the furniture as a room divider. This works great for open floor plans where your living room and kitchen are in one room. Just place your sofa wherever you want to divide the room and the back of the sofa will act as a mini wall. 

Arrangement #3: The Big Decision

The space above your fireplace can be a big decision. Deciding whether you mount your television, add a mirror, display decor or leave it empty can become a process. If you are blessed with a fireplace and love television, mounting your television can be a functional idea for your family. If your household does not watch a lot of television, you can utilize the space for decorations. This decision will be based on your family’s preferences and habits. 

Arrangement #4: Best Angles

L-angled furniture can help create a unique arrangement in a living room. You can combine dividing a room off with an l-angled couch for an interesting design technique. L-angles are different; therefore, you want to make sure you play with the angles by angling a sofa chair across from the couch. 

Arrangement #5: Looking Outwards

If you love your view or own a picture-window, you may want to have your furniture facing the outdoors. Take advantage of your gorgeous views by drawing attention to it with the furniture’s placement.  

Arrangement #6: Perfect Symmetry

Do you love to have everything match? For this arrangement, you place matching pieces across from one another in an “H” design. This will create perfect symmetry and is pleasing to the eyes. 


We hope you enjoyed this article. Let us know what you think in the comment section! We look forward to hearing your feedback.


Sizing Up Your Coffee Table

On the hunt for a chic coffee table for your living room?  Choosing the right coffee table is important because it sits in the center of the room and it does a lot of work. It holds the food on game night, houses your magazines, books and we can’t forget the remote control. Well, before you make a purchase remember that scale really does matter when you’re selecting the right coffee table. According to the experts, the coffee table should be about one half to two thirds the length of your couch. What happens when you select a coffee table with the wrong dimensions?


When It’s Too Small

When a coffee table is too small for the length of the sofa and the size of the room it will look out of proportion. As a result, it will have limited function. It will be difficult for individuals sitting at the end of the sofa to reach the table. Also, a small surface means you likely won’t be able to fit a lot of things onto the table. A coffee table that is less than one half the width of your sofa will no doubt throw off the grouping balance.


When It’s Too Big

Contrary to popular belief bigger is not always better. No matter the aesthetic value of the coffee table when it’s longer than your sofa it competes with the other decorative elements in the room. An over-scaled coffee table takes up more room than necessary which interferes with the flow of traffic.


When It’s Just Right

A coffee table that is proportionate to the size of the living room and the couch is visually appealing and it provides the perfect balance.  An appropriately scaled table allows you to easily navigate the room, anchors the furniture grouping and is highly functional.


Multiple Seating Arrangements

What about if you have multiple seating arrangements in your living room? The solution may be to break up the scale by opting for two matching medium-sized coffee tables. Utilizing two coffee tables creates visual interest which allows your eyes to move about the room. 

The Key to a Cozy Home: Part Four

For our final installment, we are going to discuss the inner sanctum of your home: the bedrooms. These rooms are important when it comes to creating a cozy environment because their main purpose is to induce relaxation. Make sure that you strike the right balance in each sleeping area to give this exact impression. As well, ensure that this area of your living space flows naturally into the rest of your home’s cozy interior. Here’s how you do so.


Texture is going to play a big part here, so play around with items that can add visual weight. You may already have furniture and colors in your home that are not easily changed, so you can use heavier textures and darker colors to help even things out. This can be in the form of throw pillows, room-darkening drapes or an area rug.  If you have the freedom in the room, try to choose the best warm colors you can for the paint on your walls. They can be light and soft or deep and dramatic, but just be sure that they do not keep you wakeful just looking at them.


If you are blessed with beautiful hardwood floors, adding a fuzzy rug will definitely add some warmth. Place the rug beneath the bed and have it peek out of the sides so the surrounded walking space is comfortable to navigate. In rooms that are carpeted, adding a rug at the end of the bed can add a little extra visual interest without too much effort.  


The linens on the bed should use a high thread count and should be covered with the most appropriately fluffy comforter as the current season allows.  If you currently do not have a headboard, try installing a cushioned one on the wall. Top it off with soft pillows and a throw blanket for the occasional daytime snooze.


If there is any extra floor space in the room, a single upholstered chair with small side table and lamp should definitely be considered. This space to catch up on your reading or take a phone call with a long distance friend helps since these activities are much easier when you are not falling asleep in your bed.


We hope you enjoyed our series on creating a cozy home! Check back for new topics and home decorating tips! If you want to change the floor covering in your home to one that inspires a cozy feeling in your home, let us help.  We are happy to help you create a perfect space.

How to Make Your Home More Luxurious

Imagine the most luxurious house that you have ever been in or seen on television. Have you ever wondered what exactly makes it so luxurious? The key to making a luxurious space is actually to envision a luxury hotel. Luxurious hotels know exactly how to make guests feel relaxed and valued. You can bring these same principles home with our five tips on how to make your home more luxurious. 


How to Make Your Home More Luxurious

  1. One Color Scheme. To create a classy, luxurious bedroom, professional designers recommend sticking to one color in your design scheme. A great color option that is timeless and clean is white. From your curtains to your bedspread, white can instantly transform your space into a luxurious escape. 
  2. Embrace A Spa-Like Atmosphere. Master bathrooms can be the most luxurious room in your household if done right. If you are on a budget, there are several ways to create a spa-like atmosphere for a reasonable price. Some creative ways to make your master bathroom more elegant is by:
  1. Using dim lighting and lighting candles. 
  2. Incorporating spa-like artwork and paintings on the walls. 
  3. Placing rocks inside of your sink. 
  4. Adding rejuvenation candles or diffusing mood-boosting essential oils in the air.
  5. Having peppermint-scented soaps and bath products. 
  6. Playing relaxing music throughout the daytime and evening hours. 
  1. Elegant Drapery. Believe it or not, curtains can make a home more elegant. The drapery you choose for your home can instantly transform it into an oasis. All you need to do is follow a few guidelines: 
    1. Place the curtain rod a few inches above the top of the window. This will help create the illusion that the window is larger than it actually is. 
    2. Have your curtains touch the floor. This is the crucial part of making your room look more luxurious because it adds length. 
    3. Demand attention by purchasing heavy and thick curtains. 
    4. Incorporate black-out curtains in your master bedroom for the perfect finishing touch. 
  1. Sensational Lighting. Lighting is a key part of luxury. If you walk into a luxurious hotel, you will notice that it is well-lit. Your home should replicate this idea. Choose light fixtures that provide excellent lighting while providing style. Chandeliers are a great option for entry-ways and foyers. 
  2. Glamorous Florals. Nothing says luxurious and beautiful like fresh flowers. Finish your home off with some locally-grown, fresh-cut flowers. 


Another way to make your home a luxurious oasis is with brand new flooring! With flooring options that meet any style preference, we can help make your home the luxury masterpiece that you have always imagined. Stop in today for more information and pricing. We look forward to serving you! 

The Key to a Cozy Home: Part Three

As you make your way through your home, the lighting, seating, and furniture being made to feel less formal and more charming move on to incorporating different textures that will instantly add warmth to your space with little effort.


One quick and easy way to do this include adding a plush throw blanket draped over the side of a leather couch or dramatic ceiling to floor drapery with elegant pullbacks. Woven baskets filled with potpourri in your powder rooms will add an appealing aroma as well as an earthy touch. Fresh flowers in vases scattered around the home can also add some cheer. 


Don’t leave out your walls in all this decorating. A soft paint color would do wonders for bringing the room together, as would some amazing art. Leaving large sections of wall space empty can give a home an unfinished look, so be sure to show that area some love. Use a deeper pile for area rugs and throw some pillows down as well.


If your ceiling has exposed wooden beams, keep them in their natural state and fight the urge to add a coat of paint. The more natural your inside decor looks, the more relaxed it will make you feel. Enjoy the natural elements of your home, like exposed brick or natural stone tiles. Even decorating around your fireplace will soothe the senses. A natural wood mantle with seasonal decor on top would be perfect.


For extra coziness, try to create a nook area where you and your guests can feel free to wander off to for some alone time. This can be a window seat with cushions and pillows or banquet seating in the corner of a room with storage drawers beneath and accompanying table. Fill the cabinets with blankets, books or board games to accommodate anyone who wants to have fun alone or with others.


This decor revolves around creating a welcoming experience that has the ability to cater to any of you or your guests’ personalities. Enjoy the work you have put into all the little details because they are sure to make a huge impact overall.


Next, join us for our final installment in our Cozy Home series!

The Key to a Cozy Home: Part Two

Now that the entryway has had a cozy makeover, let’s move deeper into the home to keep the theme going. It does not matter if you have a home of distinctly separate common rooms or an open floor concept. You can add small touches to each area to make it warmer.

First, think about your lighting. If your home has a large amount of natural light, take advantage of it. There is nothing better than fresh, beautiful sunshine. For nighttime, however, the use of various levels of lighting cannot be recommended enough! Having the ability to set the mood no matter what hour you are entertaining will definitely influence you and your guests in a positive way. Harsh lighting can make things feel stale and formal. Try softer lightbulbs dimmed slightly and this will give the room a relaxed vibe. Additionally, even if they are not used often, strategically placing candles around your home will also give it some ambiance.


Your next priority is seating. It can be dining room chairs or comfy living room seats, just make sure you have more than enough. Guests may not all want to bunch up together in any given space right away, so providing a little extra room will feel more accommodating. Don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture as well. It will help lend a casual air to your space and put guests at ease and keep the festivities less rigid.


This idea can also be extended to your plates and silverware. When things are a little too perfect it can set too formal of a tone. Sprinkle different drinking glasses around the table and don’t be afraid to keep the fancy china in your hutch.


Use built-in shelving to make a statement in your living room or study but keep it casual by breaking up the way you fill them. Display some books, followed by some artistic pieces, and round it out with family photos and souvenirs from previous vacations. You want to bring across your life story while making your guests feel comfortable enough to walk up to your shelves and check out the highlights.


Join us for Part Three of our series to help you create a cozy home!