Color Schemes — White

White might seem like the easiest possible option when it comes to decorating your home. In theory it coordinates with everything. It’s basically a blank canvas. However, the difficulty level sometimes increases if you want it to be the most prevalent color in a room. If you’re ideal room is large expanses of white it’s important to ensure that you balance it well.

If not, your home will look more like an institutional structure than a place you’d love to live. Which isn’t to say you can’t feature more white than any other color. In fact, we think it often works best to tip the scale in favor of white. To use it like a pro just be sure that you combine it with colors that are equally eye catching. This will ensure the room looks well coordinated instead of un-unified. Ready to get started? Enjoy our guide to the very best combos!  

  1. White, Beige, Gold
  2. Tiffany Blue, Pink, Yellow, White
  3. Aqua, Fuchsia, Lime Green, White
  4. White, Silver, Gold, Dark Brown
  5. Warm Yellow, Coral, Dark Orange, White 
  6. Red, Fuchsia, Black, White
  7. White, Purple, Grey
  8. White, Beige, Brown, Gold

Once you’ve chosen the color scheme you like best visit the paint store and pick up paint chips. Get a few of each color so you can experiment. Take them home and lay them on a large piece of white paper. Use scissors to trim them to different sizes and combine them in various ways. This will give you an idea of how much of each color needs to be used to achieve the effect you want!

Unique Antiques add Personality

200210063-001Have you seen various antique stores in your life but have been hesitant to step in? Don’t be; they’re an interesting window to the past.

Whether you visit a small and simple shop with a few antiques and lots of things that are just old, or a place like this one with special items from earlier days well displayed, it can be a design eye-opener to see furniture and accessories from other times.

8775628Many people think antiques are expensive, and some are pretty pricey. But it really depends upon the era, the item itself and its’ condition. For example, an old Mickey Mouse train from 60 years ago in good condition with its original box might be surprisingly costly. On the other hand, someone’s old family photo from the same time simply framed could be purchased for a song.

As you start spending more time with antiques, chances are you will find yourself interested in one era, style or item. For example, one homeowner discovered the art of antique fishing lures. Inexpensive and attractive, she hung them together along one narrow space in her den. Another person developed an interest in skeleton keys and keeps them in an old basket for guests to play with when they visit.

86809985When you explore antiques, you get the opportunity to expand your design view of the world. By adding the dimension of time to your understanding of furniture and accessories, you have the chance to enrich your appreciation of other days and add the personality of the past to your home.