Building a House…I Wish I Had Thought of That! (Part One)

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 10.37.00 AMWe would like to introduce Megan, one of our readers who has been kind enough to share her story and advice on building a house.

If building a house is in your future there are many things to think about and consider. Below are some helpful tips that will hopefully keep you from saying, “I wish I had thought of that!”

  • Window Shape: When I built my house I was set on having bamboo shades. It wasn’t till after I moved in that I discovered bamboo shades couldn’t be customized to an arched window. This actually made a lot of sense, but I had not thought about it when we were designing the window shapes in the house.
  • Master Shower: This is a brilliant idea instead of installing shelves in the corners of the shower for your shampoo.  You can do pocket shelves on the same wall as the shower knob. This provides a dry area for all your shower essentials and keeps things neat, tidy, handy, and dry!
  • Hallways: For an added touch use arch niches in your hallway. This is great for a picture or plant. Don’t forget the accent light!
  • Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 10.35.58 AMEntry Area: An insert of tile or slate is the perfect solution for keeping your wood floors from getting moisture from rain and snow. It’s easy to maintain and worry free.
  • Carpet:  Make sure you get a good carpet pad. A good pad will extend the life of your carpet and you’ll be able to feel the difference on your feet!  Also, go one step further and research carpet beyond “base grade”.

You don’t want to miss next week’s post! Megan has even more information she’d like to share.  Stay tuned.

Good Foundation for Great Room

One difference between a nice room and a room that’s well designed comes from how the furnishings fit with the design structure of the room itself.

This room demonstrates an effective connection between its flooring, window treatments and the style choices.

The wood flooring’s natural maple finish matches perfectly with the light wood window blinds. In contrast, the dark tapes selected as blind pulls reflect the dark leather bed frame and wood nightstand.

Although furnishings are limited in the space, the coordination of dark and light throughout the room helps it feel finished from a design standpoint. Additional touches are limited. The nightstand sports a phone, magazines and a lone vase of flowers. The reading material is a natural fit for that headboard. The curve and padding makes this a great spot for reading or watching television.

The touch of pattern comes from the bed pillows. One set is a large dot pattern that suits the contemporary feel of the bedroom. The smaller pillows show a more traditional pattern – embroidered dragonflies – which provide a more luxurious and gentler touch.

By starting with a coordinated and attractive foundation, this bedroom owner created an inviting and simple bedroom that still shows natural design flair.

Whatever your preference in flooring: wood, tile or carpet, there are window treatments that will coordinate well and create the finished look you want. Let us help you make the right match for your home.