What is PortStone – Reader Question


Reader Question: I was wondering if you had any information, reviews, or firsthand knowledge of Portstone flooring?

Answer: PORTSTONE is an innovative, patent pending flooring product that is made from a specially modified cementitious material enhanced with co-polymers, industrial grade aggregates, acrylic resins, and other proprietary components all reinforced with a woven fiberglass mesh. It is made to resemble brick, stone, slate, and tile. PORTSTONE is only 1/4″ thick, yet it has more impact resistance than ceramic tile or even full sized brick.

PORTSTONE has the look and feel of brick and stone, but it is much easier and faster to install. It is installed much like ceramic tile onto thin-set mortar, but instead of installing one brick at the time, with PORTSTONE PAVER SHEETS, as many as 16 bricks can be laid in one motion. Click here to see pattern ideas for PORTSTONE. (custom colors are available on a case by case basis)


1. PortStone may be used for residential and light commercial flooring.

2. PortStone may be used on interior vertical surfaces.

3. If used on exterior vertical surfaces, waterproofing shall be accomplished by means and material other than PortStone.

4. PortStone shall not be used for or considered as a waterproofing material for any application.

5. PortStone shall not be used inside a fireplace or firebox. PortStone may be used as a facing around a fireplace or firebox

only as a surround and not on any surface directly exposed or subject to extreme heat.

6. PortStone may be used on properly prepared horizontal exterior surfaces. When used on exterior surfaces such as porches, patios, walkways, pool decks, etc. an approved slip-resistant additive shall be used in an approved manner in conjunction with the sealer applied after grouting.

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You should also know: All PortStone products are factory pre-sealed with a minimum of 2 coats of sealer. Another coat of sealer is required to be placed after the product has been grouted and sufficient time for the grout to properly cure, after which a minimum of 2 coats of PortStone approved floor finish shall be applied on all interior surfaces.