Tips for The Most Effective Spring Cleaning

With winter drawing to a close, spring is on the horizon. The dreary, monochromatic grey skies are retreating as the spring air begins to brew up again filling our days. As days grow longer as nights become shorter, emerald blades emerge back from the earth’s depths while bushes are ignited once again with crimson roses and sunny open-mouth daffodils. The bitter snowcapped ground melts and the once reminisced melodies of our feathery friends return to the air. Yet, this transition leaves our yards in shambles. A collection of broken timber, mucky, turfed terrain, and an unkempt patio is no way to celebrate. It is time to reinvest time in your exterior and curb appeal and have your home beautiful again in time for spring.

Front Entrance

Consider your front entrance your gateway to your castle. The path to your fortress of solitude. Ask yourself what makes your entrance? Your front door, the pathway, a courtyard, or perhaps steps to a porch? Remove any winter debris. Depending on where you live, you may need to consider sanding and staining your patio as a spring project. If you have seasonal decor, bring it back out to prepare for spring. Take down any winter door hangers or welcoming mats that are for the cold season. You can spruce up your curb appeal again by painting your door or simply putting a seating area on your porch for entertaining.

Back Patios and Decks

Our back patios and decks may not add to our curb appeal, but they are vital retreats for outdoor spring nights with family and friends. Bring out your patio furniture and decor pieces to liven up the outdoor space. Easy additions can include an outdoor kitchen and grill, fire pit, or even fun games like bocce. Investing time and money in your back patio this spring is a great way to incorporate all the aspects your home has to offer.

Lawn & Bed Maintenance

Nothing says spring like a well-kept lawn and some beautiful flower beds. Make sure your yard has no winter damage or missing grass patches. You will want these to be fixed as soon as possible to allow the lawn to look good during the next couple months. Remove any remaining leaves, twigs, or timber from your lawn, and decide what kind of flower beds are tailored to your desired home. Mulch, gravel, even wood chips can all create a distinct look and work with certain plant life better than others. Build harmony around your house with complementary flowers, bushes, and trees to give your home a more complete, balanced look.

The time is now! Be proactive in creating your spring atmosphere before spring reaches us. Spending a couple of hours on the weekends can make a world of difference. Eliminate the damage and remainders of winter and enforce the majesty of spring. For more tips and tricks, make sure to subscribe!

Easter Egg Crafts: How to Hollow Out An Egg

There are a many Easter egg craft ideas online this time of year. Many involve using a hollowed-out egg. However, very few of these crafts explain how to hollow out the egg itself.

Cake eggs are a popular idea. This craft involves hollowing out an egg, filling it with cake batter and baking. 

Another Easter egg craft is creating cement eggs. This craft also requires hollowing out a real egg and then filling it with cement. Decorating the cement egg (after you have chipped away the eggshell) completes the activity.

How To:

To hollow out an egg, you will need a sewing needle and access to a sink. First use the needle to gently poke a hole in the top (or more pointed end) of the egg. Then turn over and poke another hole into the bottom of the egg. This time gently rotate the needle (while inside the egg). You want to make a larger hole on the bottom. This hole should be no larger than a quarter of an inch wide.

Next, blow into the top of the egg while standing over the sink. The egg white followed by the egg yolk will gently slide out of the bottom. After all the egg white and yolk are removed, run warm water inside the egg. Rinse out the egg several times to make sure the yolk is gone and allow it to dry completely. Now you should have a hollowed out eggshell completely intact.

Now you are free to craft. Just keep in mind the eggshells will be very delicate and are to be used for decorating only. Make a decorative basket filled with colorful eggs and use as a center piece on your dining room table, or hide throughout your home for delighted children to find!