Master Suite Sitting Areas

New home construction and remodels often feature large master bedrooms with en suite bathrooms.  After placing a king size bed, a pair of nightstands and a dresser, there can can be a great deal of floor space leftover in the room.  What can you do with extra the space?

There are several options on what to do with this extra space in a master suite.  One option, is adding an enjoyable seating area.  After all, a master suite should be a getaway from the demands of everyday life. Creating a calm, relaxing space for you to unwind and escape, the master suite can be your private oasis. Carving out a seating area with a sofa or pair of chairs allows you a place to read a book, take a nap, or just hang out away from all of the hustle and bustle.

This master bedroom suite is a nice example of a large space that is divided into a sleeping zone and a seating area.  The bed is off to the right of the frame, with a seating area in front of the window and closer to the fireplace. The fireplace is a great focal point in this master bedroom.

Different zones in the master bedroom can be identified with area rugs. A large area rug could be placed under the bed and a coordinating or matching rug by the seating area.